Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is a general term for information processing and process control of machinery and equipment or production process to achieve measurement, manipulation and other information according to the expected objectives without direct manual intervention. Automation technology is to explore and study the methods and technologies to realize the automation process. Nowadays, automation technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, construction, transportation, information technology and other fields, and has become the main means to improve labor productivity.

smar industrial
smart industrial

Lighting Industry

LED lighting is an important part of the performance space. It is an artistic creation that carries out all-round visual environment lighting design for characters and specific scenes according to the development of the plot, and purposefully reproduces the design intention to the audience in the form of visual image. We should comprehensively and systematically consider the spatial modeling of characters and plots, strictly follow the modeling laws and use good means.

Marine Industry

CAZN connector provides a connection for the navigation device. Our joint has passed the salt spray test and waterproof test, and the waterproof grade can reach IP68, making the joint meet the marine navigation standards.