5 Pin Quick Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector | Cable Extender

Project Description

IP68 5 Pin Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector

What is 5 pin waterproof screwless M25 connector ?

  • 5 pin waterproof screwless M25 connector is also called IP68 waterproof 5 pole fast connector .
  • It  can make 5 poles cable IP68 waterproof connection .
  • The 5 poles waterproof connection can be finished just by hand , without screws , it’s quick and efficient .
  • 5 pole waterproof screwless M25 connector fits cable size 5-14mm , IP68 waterproof .
  • Can be used for 5 pole cable extension , or waterproof connection , such as 3 phase power electricity , LED light cable with dimmable fuction 
  • Dimming LED lights have 5 wires L N G Dim+ Dim- or L N G Dali+ Dali- , the connector was designed screwless , very quick installation .
  • CAZN is China ISO9001 manufacture , we can customize waterproof connector with your drawing or sample , also offer cable assembly , wire harness service ..

IP68 Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector 5 Pin Cable Extender Details

Reasons That CAZN Can Be Your Reliable Supplier For Screwless Waterproof M25 Connector 

  1. Had been waterproof cable connector for more than 10 years , rich experience
  2. Original manufacture , save cost and comunicate time
  3. ISO9001 factory , strict quality control system
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Efficent production and huge stock , quick delivery
  6. ISO9001 factory , strict quality control system
  7. Custimization with experienced R&D team , ODM OEM , cable assembly , wire harness service

Quick 5 Pole Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector Technical Description:

  • Pins : 5 pin
  • Voltage Rating : 450V
  • Current Rating : 24A
  • Wire section : 0.5mm²-2.5mm²
  • Cable OD : 5-9mm , 9-12mm , 10-14mm
  • Temperature : -40℃ – 105℃
  • Products comply with IEC 61076-2-104 standard
  • IP Rate : IP68
  • Housing Materials : PA66
  • Contact Material : Nikel-plated Brass
  • Wire Connector : Screwless

Why 5 Pin Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector Have Nickel Plated Brass For Contact 

  • Brass has strong wear resistance, high strength, high hardness, strong chemical corrosion resistance, very good electrical conductivity and cost performance
  • But it is easy to oxidize, and it cannot be directly exposed to the air, and it will oxidize after long-term use , seriously lead to poor contact with the conductor and affect the conductivity. 
  • If a layer of more stable nickel, chromium and other metals is plated on the surface of the brass alloy, this problem can be effectively prevented, and the metal parts can be kept as bright as new.

IP68 Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector 5 Core Quick Cable Extender Dimension

5 pin ip68 waterproof screwless m25 connector dimension

Quick Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector Cable Extender 5 Pin IP68 Cable Limits :

Rubber ring is the most important part to make the waterproof screwless M25 connector IP68 waterproof , and the connector have 3 different size rubber ring to fit different size cables 

  • Rubber ring inner diameter 8.5mm fit 5-9mm cable 
  • Rubber ring 10.5mm inner diameter , fits 9-12mm cable 
  • Rubber ring 14mm inner diameter , fits 10-14mm cable
  • the M20 waterproof cable extender fits wire size 0.5mm²-2.5mm² , can be a very good choice for 5 pole cable extension or waterproof connection , such as 3 phase electricity , 5 wires cable with dimming function for LED lights

quick 5 pin screwless IP68 M25 connector cable extender

Outdoor IP68 Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector 5 Pole Cable Extender Application

The quick waterproof M25 connector have 10 clips for wire conductors , each side 5 clips for 5 pole 

  • First pull the clip 
  • Second insert the tinned wires 
  • Third step to push down the clip to lock the wires . 

All the 5 poles each side could be connected this way without tools , very quick .

quick ip68 waterproof screwless m25 connector 5 pin cable extender installation

  • The outdoor IP68 M25 screwless connector had been widely used for outdoor and waterproof LED lights , LED flood lights , LED garden lights , LED sport lights , LED triproof lights , where the cable length of the LED light is not long enough , and need waterproof extension , cable connection . 
  • The 5 pin IP68 quick M25 cable connector can be used for 3 phase electricity cable connection , or electricity with dimmable wires , such as dali or 1-10V dimmable LED product cable connection which have 5 wires .

5 pole IP68 waterproof screwless m25 connector cable extension

FAQ For The Waterproof Screwless M25 Connector  Quick IP68 5 Pin Cable Extender 

  • What’s the MOQ for the connectors?

Answer : We don’t have MOQ for the connector , but price ideed related to the quantity .

  • Does this connetor support 5x2.5mm² cable ?

Answer : Yes , this is for 5x2.5mm² cable ,check more at LED Cable Connector Channel .

  • Do you have T type 5 pin waterproor connectors ?

Answer : Sorry , currrently we don’t have .

  • Can you produce connectors with our logo?

Answer : Yes,but that will have MOQ

  • Can you design connectors with our drawing and requirements ?

Answer : Yes,we have mold processing , injection molding production , wire extrusion production line , hardware processing workshop , can ODM/OEM connector for customers .

  • How about the delivery time ?

Answer : For standard waterproof circular connectors , we have stock , can deliver 1-3 days after order confirmed , for customized products , will depend on quantity and producton process .

  • What about moulding charge to R&D and customize connectors ?

Answer : Will depend on product complexity and future order quantity .

  • Can the moulding charge be reimbursed if order quantity reach some amount ?

Answer : Yes , after reach some amount , we’ll pay back the moulding charge .

  • What’s the material for the waterproof M25 cable extender  ?

 Answer : The housing is made of PA66 , and the screws are Nikel-plated Brass

  • How can we trust your company and your waterproof connectors ?

Answer : CAZN had been producing waterproof connector for more than 10 years,and the founder have 20 years waterproof connector experience,the factory is ISO9001 certificated , anaual sales more than 20million USD,more than 300 workers , and we can offer free sample to test .