USB 3.0 MicroB Camera Cable – Machine Vision Cable

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Type A USB 3.0 MicroB Cable - Camera Cable For Machine Vision

What is Type Camera A USB 3.0 MicroB Cable for machine vision ? 

  • USB3.0 is the latest USB transmission standard released in 2008, with a transmission speed of 4.8Gbps, a transmission distance of 10m, and 80% of the bandwidth used for image transmission.
  • The USB3.0 Micro-B connector is one of the USB connectors, also known as the Super Speed USB Micro-B interface connector, which was added five pins to the side of the USB 2.0 Micro-B interface connector, there for it has a new generation USB 3.0 standard data transfer speed
  • As shape of the USB 3.0 Micro-B plug had changed , the USB3.0 Micro-B male connector cannot be pluged into the USB 2.0 B socket. However, devices with USB3.0 Micro-B receptacles could mate with previous USB 2.0 Micro-B plugs
  • As the demand for higher data transfer speeds continues to grow, more industrial applications such as machine vision and 3D imaging are beginning to use USB3.0 Micro-B connectors in their system designs. Micro-B with screw locking prevents disconnection caused by vibration , ensure stable data transmission

Industrial Camera Type A USB 3.0 MicroB Cable For Machine Vision

Brief For Machine Vision Camera Type A USB 3.0 Micro-B Cable

  • Connect or disconnect while working will not affect the life of the camera
  • Quick and easy to use, no professional operation required
  • Unified standard , compatible with many different brands of industrial cameras
    Multiple devices can be connected for easy management
  • The camera can be powered via the USB cable, no additional power connections are required
  • High flex cable can be used for towline
  • It has excellent anti-radiation and anti-interference ability, perfectly solves EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference) problems, and transmits datas without loss
  • Work with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Cross-tested by laboratory and various brands and models, fully supports USB standard devices
  • Widely used in industrial cameras, medical equipment systems, security monitoring, conference engineering, broadcasting systems, ships, printers, scanners, hard drives, audio equipment, touch screens, web cameras and game controllers, etc.

type A usb 3.0 microB camera cable machine vision

Machine Vision Camera Type A USB3.0 MicroB Cable Technical Paremeters:

  • Place of Origin : Guangdong , China
  • Product Name : vision camera USB 3.0 microB cable
  • Type : Machine vision cable
  • Shielding : Yes
  • Interface Standard : USB3.0
  • Application : Machine vision
  • Gender : Male
  • Pin number : 10 pin
  • Voltage : 5V
  • Cable gauge: 28AWG
  • Cable OD : 6.5mm
  • Cable length : 1M 3M 5M 7M 0r customized length
  • Contact material : copper (gold-plated)
  • Shell material : PA66
  • Temperature range : -25~+85
  • Waterproof degree : Non-waterproof
  • Shielding : Braid
  • Certification : CE ROHs

towline industrial camera cable

Industrial Camera Machine Vision Type A USB 3.0 MicroB Cable Connector Dimension

industrial camera machine vision type A usb 3.0 microB cable dimension

Machine Vision Camera Type A USB 3.0 MicroB Cable Connector Pin Definition

industrial camera vision Type A USB 3.0 micro-B pin definition

High Flex Cable For Type A USB 3.0 MicroB Camera

  1. Conductor structure
    Flexible cables generally use thin conductors. The thinner the conductor, the better the flexibility of the cable. If the conductor is too thin, problems will also occur, such as the phenomenon of cable entanglement.
  2. Core wire insulation
    Insulation materials within the cable must not stick to each other. If it sticks together, it may cause problems during the pulling process.
  3. Tightly braided shield
    The tightly braided shielding layer has better EMC protection ability, can also prevent the shielding function from failure caused by the shielding layer also breaking , and also has a better anti-torsion effect .
  4. Cable jacket
    Cable jackets of different materials have different protective effects, some have anti-UV function, some have anti-low temperature function, and some can resist oil pollution. These coats all have to be highly abrasion resistant and not stick to the task object.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of  Vision Camera Type A USB 3.0 MicroB Cable 

  • High CPU usage and no guaranteed bandwidth
  • Compared with other  interfaces, USB3.0 data transmission distance is not long enough
  • The USB interface is widely used, and all computers have their USB interface. These computers can directly connect to industrial cameras that have USB interfaces, and perform data transmission and control operations.
  • The USB interface can transmit data and power supply at the same time, no additional power supply interface is required
  • Easy and simple wiring
  • Easy to connect, plug and play
  • Support high-speed large data transmission

Notice For Machine Vision Camera USB 3.0 MicroB  Cable

  • If you want to make a long-distance connection, please choose another interface
  • If the camera working environment have vibration , make the screws are locked steadily, to avoid disconnection
  • For machine vision camera , use good shielded cable to make sure accurate data transmission.

Industrial Cameras Cable Family For Machine Vision

industrial camera cable

Besided USB3.0 industrial camera cables , we also produce  CamerLink、Gige、CoaXPress , M12 to USB , M12 to DB15 , USB to MicroB , M12 t0 RJ45 , SDR t0 MDR , MDR to MDR different industrial camera cable connectors for Sick , Cognex , Baumer , Turck , ADLINK , BALLUFF ,BASLER , IMAGINGSOURCE , AVT , FLIR , LMI , Microscan , DATALOGIC , Keyence and other brands .

machine vision cable connector industrial camera cognex sick baumer balluff basler

FAQ For Vision Camera USB 3.0 MicroB Cable

  • Are you producer for the machine vision camera  cables?

Answer : Yes,we had been producing waterproof connectors for more than 10 years, is ISO9001 manufacture in China .

  • Can you produce machine vision cables with our logo and requirements ?

Answer : Yes , but that will have MOQ

  • Do you also ethernet GigE camera cables ?

Answer : Yes , would you check here vision camera GigE cable .

  • How about the delivery time ?

Answer : It will depends on your order quantity and the production shedule , normally samples need 3-5 days .

  • Do you tested your industrial camera cables with the different brands cameras ?

Answer : Yes, and we had supplied for years, the industrial camera cables are compatible with these brands cameras .

  • Can you introduce your company ?

Answer : We had been producing waterproof connector for more than 10 years,and the founder have 20 years waterproof connector experience,the factory is ISO9001 certificated , anaual sales more than 20million USD,more than 300 workers , and we can offer free sample to test .