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Project Description

Antenna TNC RF Coaxial Connector - Male Female TNC Type

TNC RF Coaxial Connector are a screw lock coupling version of the BNC connectors .

The screw coupling enables TNC to be used at frequencies up to 11GHz in harsh environment situations.

Widely used for antenna connections, TNC have many applications in avionics, defence, communications and general industrial markets.

TNC RF Coaxial connector is a 50 ohm coaxial connector. It is a higher performing, threaded version of the more common, BNC connector. It is used for RF communications up to 11 GHz .

TNC RF coaxial connector from CAZN China factory , can be ODM / OEM by customer’s drawing and requirement .

Antenna Male Female TNC RF Coaxial Connector Details

TNC RF Coaxial Connector Technical Parameters :

  • Type : Coaxial
  •  Place of Origin : Shenzhen , China
  • Number of Conductors : 1
  •  Connector1 :  TNC Male
  • Connector2 : TNC Male Right angle
  • Contact material : Brass , gold-plated
  • Waterproof : No
  • Cable : RG58 , LMR200 , SYV50
  • Coupling : Screw
  • Termination : Cable-Crimp
  • Polarity : Standard
  • Overmolded : TNC Male can be molded
  • Cable length : More than 3M

TNC RF Coaxial Connector Cable Option

  • Data signal transmission, applied to GPS, wireless base station antenna and instrument equipment. 
  • Screw type connection. 
  • 0 to 11 GHz

TNC RF Coaxial connector

FAQ For TNC RF Coaxial Connector

  • Do you have MOQ for the connectors?

Answer : We don’t have MOQ for the connector , but price ideed related to the quantity .

  • Can you produce connectors with our logo?

Answer : Yes,but that will have MOQ

  • Can you design connectors with our drawing and requirements ?

Answer : Yes,we have mold processing , injection molding production , wire extrusion production line , hardware processing workshop , can ODM/OEM connector for customers .

  • How about the delivery time ?

Answer : For standard waterproof circular connectors , we have stock , can deliver 1-3 days after order confirmed , for customized products , will depend on quantity and producton process .

  • What about moulding charge to R&D and customize connectors ?

Answer : Will depend on product complexity and future order quantity .

  • Can the moulding charge be reimbursed if order quantity reach some amount ?

Answer : Yes , after reach some amount , we’ll pay back the moulding charge .

  • Are your connector compatible other brands ?

Yes,our circular waterproof connector are compatible with Binder , Phoenix , Molex …

  • How can we trust your company and your waterproof connectors ?

CAZN had been producing waterproof connector for more than 10 years,and the founder have 20 years waterproof connector experience,the factory is ISO9001 certificated , anaual sales more than 20million USD,more than 300 workers , and we can offer free sample to test .