Quick M20 T Connector Screwless Waterproof Cable Extender

Project Description

Waterproof Quick M20 T Connector Cable Splitter

What is quick M20 T connector ?

  • Quick M20 T connector also called screwless fast M20 waterproof T connector . 
  • It’s three branch / channel connector seems like letter T .
  • The connector connect the cables without tools , push up the clips , insert the tinned cables , push down the clips , then the wire is locked . Screw on the locking nut and make it waterproof .
  • The fast M20 waterproof T type connector is used to split the cable into 3 branch / channel , take LED flood light for example , one input electricity can power a group of LED flood lights .
  • Quick M20 T connector IP68 waterproof was designed to reduce labor cost when connect cables , install the connector 3 steps :
  1. Open the housing of wire to 11-14mm 
  2. Push the levers to 90 and insert the wires
  3. Replacing wires method : push the operating levers to pull the wires out
  • CAZN is manufacture in China , ISO9001 factory , welcome to customize your logo connectors , cable asssembly , wire harness is available .

Screwless Quick M20 T Connector IP68 Waterproof Details

IP68 Waterproof Quick M20 T Connector Technical Description:

  • Pins : 3 pin
  • Voltage Rating : 450V
  • Current Rating : 16A
  • Wire section : 0.5mm²-2.5mm²
  • Cable OD : 5-9mm , 9-12mm
  • Temperature : -40℃ – 105℃
  • Products comply with IEC 61076-2-104 standard
  • IP Rate : IP68
  • Housing Materials : PA66
  • Contact Material : Nikel-plated Brass
  • Wire Connector : Screwless

Advantage Of Waterproof Screwless M20 T Connector Cable Splitter

  • Nickel plated brass contact , excellent electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance
  • Up to 450V 16A rated voltage and current , meets most equipment requirements
  • Fire proof level UL94V-2 , safe and reliable
  • Wide range of cable size , up to 12mm , 3×2.5mm²
  • IP68 waterproof , can be used underwaterproof , used for the harshest environment
  • PA66 material , impact resistance, anti-corrosion, temperature resistance, stable structure
  • Quick connection , save lable cost , 
  • Screwless , without tools , convinent and easy on-site operation and maintenance
  • Cost-effective , reasonable price
  • Screw fixing holes, can be installed on the surface of the equipment or inside the control box

IP68 Waterproof Screwssless Quick M20 T Connetor Cable Splitter Dimension

snap in IP68 waterproof screwless M20 T connector dimension

Cable Extender IP68 Waterproof Screwless Quick M20 T Connector Limits :

Quick M20 T connector have very good structure and PA66 tuff shell , O shape rubber ring to have good waterproof performance , which can reach IP68 , even could used under waterproof , and the connector have 2 different size rubber ring to fit different size cables 

  • Rubber ring inner diameter 8.5mm fit 5-9mm cable 
  • Rubber ring 10.5mm inner diameter , fits 9-12mm cable , 
  • The M20 waterproof T connector cable splitter fits wire size 0.5mm²-2.5mm² , is very good and cose-effective solution for outdoor electricity wiring .

screwless quick m20 connector cable limits

Why Use PA66 For Shell Screwless Quick M20 T Connector

  • It has very good plasticity and can meet the complex production process. 
  • It can very well ensure the structural stability and waterproof performance of the product.
  • PA66 is a very cost-effective plastic with high impact resistance and strength. 
  • It has good temperature resistance and can maintain strong strength and rigidity at higher temperatures. 

Screwless IP68 Waterproof Quick M20 T Connector Cable Extender Application

Screw free also called screwless , means the wire connect to the contact without screws , don’t need tools , just by hand ,when engineering power connection and wiring, it can greatly improve work efficiency and reliability of power connection

quick screwless waterproof ip68 m20 t connector

The IP68 waterproof screwless Quick M20 T connector had been widely used for outdoor and waterproof LED lights , as cable splitter , a group of LED lights or equipments which can be turn on or off same time .

quick IP68 m20 screwless connector cable extender

FAQ For The Quick M20 T Connector T Type Screwless Waterproof Cable Connector 

  • What’s the MOQ for the connectors?

Answer : We don’t have MOQ for the connector , but price ideed related to the quantity .

  • Does this connetor support 5x2.5mm² cable ?

Answer : No , but we have it , would check the LED Cable Connector Channel .

  • Can you produce connectors with our logo?

Answer : Yes,but that will have MOQ

  • Can you design connectors with our drawing and requirements ?

Answer : Yes,we have mold processing , injection molding production , wire extrusion production line , hardware processing workshop , can ODM/OEM connector for customers .

  • How about the delivery time ?

Answer : For standard waterproof circular connectors , we have stock , can deliver 1-3 days after order confirmed , for customized products , will depend on quantity and producton process .

  • What about moulding charge to R&D and customize connectors ?

Answer : Will depend on product complexity and future order quantity .

  • Can the moulding charge be reimbursed if order quantity reach some amount ?

Answer : Yes , after reach some amount , we’ll pay back the moulding charge .

  • What’s the material for the waterproof M20 T connector cable splitter ?

 Answer : The housing is made of PA66 , and the screws are Nikel-plated Brass

  • How can we trust your company and your waterproof connectors ?

CAZN had been producing waterproof connector for more than 10 years,and the founder have 20 years waterproof connector experience,the factory is ISO9001 certificated , anaual sales more than 20million USD,more than 300 workers , and we can offer free sample to test .