Snap In M8 Male Connector | Overmolded Male Female 3 4 5 Pin Plug

Project Description

Snap In M8 Male Connector - Quick Connect

Overview Of Snap In M8 Male Connector 

Snap in M8 connector is waterproof circular connector connect and dis-connect by push and pull , which is quick and convinent , so it’s also called quick dis-connect M8 male connector .

CAZN is the producer in China , the snap in M8 male (female) connector have A coded 3 pin , 4 pin , rated voltage 60V , current 3A , B coded 5 pin , rated voltage 30V , current 3A , conduct size 24AWG , 0.25mm² .

The lead cable could be PUR , PVC , TPU , RU , cable length as customer’s desire .

Snap in M8 connector had been widely used for automatic technology , logistics warehousing system , sensor, actuator .

The snap in M8 male circular connector design and produced accord to comply with 61076-2-104 standard , moulded type , unshielded , IP65 waterproof .

Snap In M8 Connector Male Female Plug Details

Snap In M8 Male Connector – Male Female Plug Technical Features:

  • Pin Number : 3 pin , 4 pin , 5 pin ,
  • Coded : A Coded ( 3 4 pin ) , B Coded ( 5 pin )
  • Moulded Plug : Male , Female
  • Type : Straight Type
  • Cable Length : 1M , 2M , 3M or Customized
  • Waterproof grade : IP65
  • Shell Material : Brass Nickel-plated
  • Contact Material : Phosphorus copper gold-plated/Brass copper, gold-plated
  • Sealing Material : Epoxy resin/rubber
  • Insulator Material : PA66
  • Applicable Temperature : -25℃ ~ +85℃
  • Insulation Impedance : ≥100MΩ
  • Contact Impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Durability : ≥500 cycles
  • Molding Material : TPU/PVC
  • Execution Standard : IEC 61076-2-104

Quick Connect M8 Male Connector And Other Various M8 Connectors 

  • Metal or plastic material connectors
  • Damping fucntion connector , anti-vibration design
  • Various Coding type , A Coded  3 4 6 8 pin , B coded 5 pin , D coded 4 pin for different application
  • Cable assembly connector , overmolded type connector with cable , snap-in M8 connector
  • Straight or right angled connector
  • Shielded or unshieled connector
  • Various socket option : front / back panel mount , PCB mount
  • Various adpater :  Y T L I type 
  • M8 cable splitter with customized cable length

Quick Disconnec M8 Male Connector Cable Plug Name And Order Rules

Order NO. Description The first part:series number + type number, each product has its part number on the album details page, and customers can choose according to the picture and part number; The second part:number of cores + interface model + wire + length. According to the following instructions, customers can fill in corresponding parameters as required to facilitate customization 

M8 4 Pin connector name rules

M8 Snap In Male Connector – Female Male Plug Connector Family

The moulded cable M8 snap in connector can have customized length cable , and the the end of the wire can be processed according to the customer’s drawing requirements . PVC PUR TPU cable material for option .

m8 male connector snap in

Application For M8 Male Connector Snap In Type 

The connector had been used widely for automation technology , such as industrial sensors and actuators , so it’s also sensor M8 connector .

Industrial sensor is a detection device that can sense the measured information , and can transform the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules , so as to meet the requirements of information transmission , processing , storage , display , Records and controls , etc .

The M8 connector will connect the sensor to the control system , and trigger the executor to start some movement .

Snap in M8 male connector is designed quick connector and disconnect , without screw , push and pull will connect and disconnect the male and female .

It is very suitable for the following work scenarios, which require frequent disconnection and connection, the space is small, and there is no space for operating threads, but the requirements for waterproof level are not particularly high, such as some special sensors, outdoor display devices, etc.

industrial sensor M8 male connector - cazn electrics

M8 Male Connector Dust Cover

m8 4 pin connector dust cover

M8 Male Female Connector Electrical Parameters

m8 4 pin connector electrical parameter

Circular M8 Male Connector Pin Arrangement

m8 4 pin connector pin arrangement

M8 Male Cale Connector Wire Definition

m8 4 pin connector wire definition

FAQ For Snap In M8 Male Connector

  • How about the waterproof level for this quick connect M8 connector ?

Answer : It can reach IP65 waterproof , but accord to its structure , the ones with metal locking nuts would have better waterproof .

  • Do you do product customization and wire harness ?

Answer : Yes , we have skilled and experienced R&D team , can customize connectors with drawing or samples .

  • Does this snap in M8 connector have panel mount type ?

Answer : Sorry , no , we only have male female cable connection type for this model .

  • Do you have M8 to M12 Adapter ?

Answer : Yes , we have , would you check here M12 to M8 Adapter .

  • Do you have oversea agents and stock ?

Answer : Currently we only have stock in China , and we have few agents , but not sure for your country , if you’re interested in to be our agent , would you send us email or talk with my colleage Tracy for online service .

  • How can we trust CAZN ?

Answer : CAZN had been producing waterproof connector for more than 10 years,and the founder have 20 years waterproof connector experience,the factory is ISO9001 certificated , anaual sales more than 20million USD,more than 300 workers , and we can offer free sample to test .

Download Whole CAZN M8 Connector Catalog

m8 connector catalog

CAZN M8 connector