M23 Signal Connector Angled Male Female Socket

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M23 Signal Connector - Angled Socket

What is M23 signal connector ?

M23 signal connector is signal type M23 connector , with 6 7 9 12 17 pins .

In general , it is used for signal transmission , and the material requirements of the plug-in itself are very high .

The modular design of the M23 connection signal connectors guarantees excellent signal connection , great application flexibilit y , and a wide range of pin counts for soldering or crimp contact .

The signal M23 connector is specially developed for applications operating in highly corrosive environments .

Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and advanced polymers , this series of connectors is ideal for use in the medical , pharmaceutical , marine , automotive , food , and beverage industries .

Environmentally sealed to IP67 and chemically resistant to acids and bases , these connectors are protected against the harshest industrial processing environments .

M23 Signal Connector Angled Socket Details

M23 Signal Connector Angled Socket Technical Parameter :

  • Pin Number : Signal – 6 7 9 12 17 19 core ; Power -6 8 core 
  • Two types : Signal and Power
  • Plug : assembly , cold-pressure construction
  • Socket: Straight / Angled cold-pressure construction
  • Shielding : All connectors are excellent for full shielding at 360 degrees
  • Waterproof grade : IP67
  • Shell material : Brass nickel plated
  • Contact impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Sealing material : Epoxy resin/Rubber
  • Durability : ≥500 Cycles 
  • Contact material : Brass/Phosphorus copper gold-plated
  • Wiring range : 6~10mm
  • Insulator material : PBT/PA66
  • Applicable temperature : -40℃ ~ +125℃
  • Molding material : TPU/PVC

Advantages Of CAZN M23 Signal Connector

  • Nickel plated Brass for shell material , very good corrosion resistance , strong but more cost effective than stainless steel .
  • Various pin type option for 6 7 9 12 17 pin
  • Contact material with gold plated brass , prevents oxidation of the copper surface and avoids poor contact while ensuring very good electrical conductivity
  • Multy structures straignt angled type for different application
  • The pins are crimped , and the integrated locking device not only ensures the reliability of the connection , but also is easy to assemble and disassemble, and does not require special tools .
  • Design and produced accord international standard , compatible with other brands
  • From China manufacture , cost -effective but very nice quality

M623 M23 Signal Connector Angled Socket Name And Order Rules

Order NO. Description The first part:series number + type number, each product has its part number on the album details page, and customers can choose according to the picture and part number; The second part:number of cores + interface model + wire + length. According to the following instructions, customers can fill in corresponding parameters as required to facilitate customization.Plug: assembly, cold-pressure construction

M8 4 Pin connector name rules

M23 Signal Connector Angled Socket Item And Size

CAZN have 4 types signal type M23 connector socket :

  1. Straight M623 signal connector male socket crimp type , with mount hole 19.8×19.8 mm . The contact is riveting pressure pin , gold plated , quik install or disassembly .
  2. M623 signal connector straight female socket . 
  3. Right angled male socket for M623 signal connector , which is crimp type , with gold plated contact pin riveting pressure type , for quik install or disassembly , mount hole 19.8×19.8 mm . 
  4. Right angled socket for M623 signal connector .

signal type M23 12 Pin Connector Male female socket

M23 Signal Connector Male Female Socket Dust Cover

The metal material dust cover can protect the socket from waterp and dust while there is not plug on the socket .

m23 power connector m923 dust cover

Signal M23 Connector Electrical Parameter 

CAZN got 6 different types pin arrangement for the singal type M23 connector

Different pin quantity M23 signal connector will have differnt rated current and voltage

While same cable OD but the core number is small , that means the conductor size can be bigger , and the rated current and voltage will be bigger .

The M23 signal connector will support highest 300V and 20A , details please see the follow diagram

m23 17 pin connector electrical parameter

 M23 Signal Connector Contact Pin Parameter Table

CAZN got 2 differnt type reveting pressure pin for different voltage and current as following : 

m23 signal connector contact pin parameter table

M23 Signal Connector Wire Definition

M23 power signal connector wire definition

9 Reasons To Choose CAZN As Your Supplier For M23 Signal Connector 

  1. Rich experience producing circular waterproof cable connectors for more than 10 years
  2. Famous brand from China , reilable quality , IS09001 factory
  3. Strict quality management system, 4000 square meters factory, more than 300 workers
  4. Massive inventory for quick delivery 
  5. Advanced R&D and manufacturing Strength
  6. OEM ODM Wire harness , we have mold processing , injection molding production , wire extrusion production line , hardware processing workshop , can design and produce connectors accord to customer’s drawing and requirements.
  7. Comprehensive testing equipment and instruments to ensure good product performance
  8. Reasonable price with good quality , built with internal standard , perfect solution for replacements .
  9. Compatable with big brands

FAQ For Waterproof M23 signal Connector Socket

  • Do you have MOQ for the singal M23 cable connectors?

Answer : We don’t have MOQ , but price will be different for different quantity .

  • Can you design and producer signal M23 connector for us ?

Answer : Yes , that will have cause molud charges , and when production also have MOQ .

  • What’s the delivery time for sample and bulk order ?

Answer : For M23 connector , we have stock , for small order we can deliver 1-3 days after order confirmed , for big quantity will be around 2-3 weeks and check on the production schedule .

  • Are your circular M23 signal connectors compatible other brands ?

Yes , our M23 connector are compatible with other brands that built with same standard .

Download Whole M23 Connector Power Signal Type Catalog

cazn m23 connector

CAZN M23 Connector Catalog