Power M23 Hybrid Connector 8 Pin

Project Description

Hybrid M23 Power Connector Plug - 6 Pin 8 Pin

Brief of the M23 power connector hybrid plug

The M23 power plug connector supply 630V 30A power with 6 pin , 8 pin connector is hybrid power connector with 2 different contact size , 4 pin of 8 pin supply 630V 30A , the other 4 pin supply 250V , 9A .

The M23 hybrid power connector is made nickel plated zinc alloy , support 6-10mm OD cable .

The M23 power connector has crimped contacts to ensure the most reliable connection performance , while reducing installation time and saving costs. The crimp pins are available for 0.25-1.0mm² AWG 23-17 conductors , and 1.0-2.5mm² AWG 18-13 conducts .

Easy to assemble and disassemble – no special tools required . Crimp contacts are available with different crimp ranges .

M23 Plug Power Hybriad Connector Details

Part Number :

  • M923-S6-GCA-14.5 : order code 230009-06  , M23 6 pin plug connector , power type , crimp termination
  • M923-S8-GCA-14.5 : order code 230009-08 , M23 8 pin bybrid plug connector , power type , crimp termination
  • A120101-0235 : order code 230017-000000001 , male crimp pin , suitable for conductor size 0.25-1.0mm² , AWG 23-17
  • A120101-0236 : order code 230019-000000001 , male crimp pin , suitable for conductor 1.0-2.5mm² , AWG 18-13
  • M23-TV1P-3 : order code 230011-000000001 , M23 connector dust cover

Technical Parameter :

  • Pin quantity : 6 pin , 8 pin
  • Types : Power connector plug
  • Shielding : shielded
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Shell material : Bickel plated zinc alloy
  • Contact impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Sealing material : Epoxy resin/Rubber
  • Durability : ≥500 Cycles 
  • Contact material : Brass gold-plated
  • Cable limit : 6~10mm
  • Insulator material : PBT/PA66
  • Applicable temperature : -40℃ ~ +105℃
  • Rated voltage for 6 pin : 630V
  • Rated voltage for 8 pin : 630V/250V
  • Rated current for 6 pin : 30A
  • Rated current for 8 pin : 20A/9A

Drawing And Dimension

Power M12 Hybrid Connector Plug

M23 Power Connector Pinout And Electrical Parameter 

6 pin M23 connector have same size pins , can connect 14AWG conductor , which have 30A rated current and rated voltage 630V

8 pin M23 connector have 2 different size pins , can connect 14AWG and 18AWG conductor , which have 20A / 9A rated current and rated voltage 630V / 250V

M23 power connector electrical parameter

M23 Power Connector Contact Pin Parameter Table

The riveting pressure pin of M23 connector  have 2 different size , bigger size contact will have higher higher current and voltage carrying capacity .

Plating paint will not be damaged . The connection process has a high degree of automation, and can be connected at one point or multiple points at the same time , and can perform non-destructive connection strength detection and automatic monitoring of the whole process, with high production efficiency .

M23 Power connector crimp pin part number and parameter

M23 Power connector crimp pin part number and parameter 2

M23 Power Connector Color Code

M23 power and signal connector color code

M23 Power Connector Application

Typical applications are chemical environments , environments with corrosive gases and humid environments .

It’s ideal solution for power transmission in motor-driven applications , advanced servo drive encoder feedback environments , packaging , robotics , printing , machine tool , medical and automation environments where control signal transmission or power is required in a rugged and compact delivery system.

CAZN China M23 power connector

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cazn m23 connector

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