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M23 17 Pin Connector - Signal Plug

What Is M23 17 Pin Connector ?

M23 17 pin connector is signal type M23 connector that have 17 pins .

The plug have male and female type , the signal type have 6 7 9 12 17 pole for option .

M23 17 pin singal connectors for a broad range of cable outer diameters and receptacles for front mounting or back mounting guarantee the highest flexibility .

Inserts are available with crimp contacts . The integrated locking clip secures the contacts in the inserts and an easy assembly and disassembly without the need of special assembly tools .

The M23 17 pin connector can be used for reliable connections in applications with high pin density.

Use CAZN  M23 17 pin singal connector to connect devices with safety switches, or use these devices to transmit a bunch of discrete signals from a distribution box or controller .

We offer patch cords and prefabricated patch cords , field attachable solder connectors , and panel mount receptacles .

M23 17 Pin Connector Plug Signal Type Details

7 Reasons That Why You Can Trust CAZN M23 17 Pin Connector

  1. Strong R&D team , can design connector with your drawing and requires
  2. Wire harness is available
  3. More than 10 years experience for producing waterproof connectors
  4. ISO9001 China factory , source manufacturer , don’t  let traders make the difference
  5. Manufactured in strict accordance with international standards , comptible with other brands
  6. Rich inventory guarantees fast delivery
  7. Reasonable price with reliable quality , best choice for replacement

M23 17 Pin Connector M623 Connector Technical Parameter :

  • Pin Number : Signal – 6 7 9 12 17 19 core ; Power -6 8 core 
  • Two types : Signal and Power
  • Plug : assembly , cold-pressure construction
  • Socket: Straight / Angled cold-pressure construction
  • Shielding : All connectors are excellent for full shielding at 360 degrees
  • Waterproof grade : IP67
  • Shell material : Brass nickel plated
  • Contact impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Sealing material : Epoxy resin/Rubber
  • Durability : ≥500 Cycles 
  • Contact material : Brass / Phosphorus copper gold-plated
  • Wiring range : 6~10mm
  • Insulator material : PBT/PA66
  • Applicable temperature : -40℃ ~ +125℃
  • Molding material : TPU/PVC

Advantages Of CAZN M23 17 Pin Connector

  1. Various types , cable to cable , cable to panel , plug , socket with different pins
  2. Brass contact which is gold plated , good electrical conductivity and antioxidant properties 
  3. Nickel plated brass shell has strong passivation ability, high stability in air, and can quickly form a very thin passivation film on the surface, which can resist the corrosion of atmosphere, alkali and some acids
  4. IP67 waterproof for harsh industrial or outdoor environments .
  5. Same standards with other brands , compatible 
  6. Cost-effective with same or even better quality
  7. OEM ODM service and wire harness

M623 M23 17 Pin Connector Male Female Name And Order Rules

Order NO. Description The first part:series number + type number, each product has its part number on the album details page, and customers can choose according to the picture and part number; The second part:number of cores + interface model + wire + length. According to the following instructions, customers can fill in corresponding parameters as required to facilitate customization.Plug: assembly, cold-pressure construction

M8 4 Pin connector name rules

17 Pin M23 Signal Connector Item And Size

The M23 17 Pin connector from CAZN have 4 different types , wire to wire , and wire to panel type .

  • 1st Item : Wire to panel type M623 signal connecor , female straight type metal plug which can be 6 7 9 12 17 pole , the contacts are gold plated , and conductors crimped to the pins . with cable limits 6-10mm
  • 2nd Item : Wire to panel type M623 signal connecor , metal plug male type with 6 7 9 12 17 core , support cable OD 6-10mm , crimp type which can be quick install or disassembly , the pins the gold plated brass .
  • 3rd Item : wire to wire type M623 signal connector , male plug have pin option 6 7 9 12 17 , can crimp conductor size 18-14AWG , with cable diameter 6-10mm
  • 4th Item : Wire to wire type M623 signal connector , it’s female plug , can mate the 3rd item , pole number 17 12 9 7 6 for option . Customer can use crimp tools to connect the conductor locally , it’s simple for install and disassembly .

m623 m23 17 pin connector singal type plug

M23 17 Pin Connector Male Female Cable Plug Dust Cover

Metal cover for M23 sockets , protect the sockets from water and dust .

m23 power connector m923 dust cover

Male Female M23 17 Pin Connector Signal Type Electrical Parameter 

The E-code M23 connector with different pins have different rated voltage and rated current , which is related with the conductor size , with same cable diameter , more pins should have thinner conductor size , and will support lower voltage and current .

m23 17 pin connector electrical parameter

M23 17 Pin Connector Contact Pin Parameter Table

m23 signal connector contact pin parameter table

17 Pin M23 Connector Wire Definition

M23 power signal connector wire definition

M23 17 Pin Connector Applications

  • Drive technology and all areas with increasingly stringent requirements for vibration safety, protection against dust and water and other external mechanical influences
  • For applications requiring effective shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • The M23 is suitable for a variety of applications including motors, encoders, motion control, robotics and conveyors

Download Whole M23 Connector Power Signal Type Catalog

cazn m23 connector

CAZN M23 Connector Catalog