A Coded M12 3 Pin Cable | Molded Male Female Connector

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A Coded M12 3 Pin Cable - Male Female Connector

Brief for M12 3 pin cable

A coded M12 3 pin cable is a type of electrical cable that consists of a male connector or a female connector on the one end or both end. The connectors are M12-sized, which means they have a 12 mm diameter thread. The cable has three pins, which are used to transmit electrical signals. The cable is available in two versions: straight and right angled. The straight version has connectors that are aligned in a straight line, while the right angled version has connectors that are angled at 90 degrees which is more suitable for limited space. The cable can be made with two types of jacket materials: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PUR (polyurethane). PVC is a common, inexpensive material that is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture. PUR is a more expensive material that is more flexible and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is often used in applications where the cable needs to be bent or flexed frequently.Sometimes for drag chain systems, will need high flex robot cable, it’s also available.

Shine Industry (CAZN) M12 6 pin cables are compatible with Phoenix , Binder, Murr , Turck and other brands.

A Coded M12 3 Pin Cable Details

A Coded Pin Arrangement Of M12 Waterproof Cable Connector

waterproof circular A Coded M12 Connector Pin arrangement

Ushielded Shielded M12 3 Pin Cable Technical Parameter:

  • Type : overmoulded
  • Shape : Straight or angled 
  • Pin Number :  3 pin 
  • Coded : A-Code
  • Gender : Male or female
  • Cable Connector : solder moulded
  • Cable Length : 1-3M or customized 
  • Cable Material : PVC / PUR / drag chain moving cable 
  • Shell Material : PA-GF
  • Contact Material : Copper gold-plated
  • Sealing Material : Epoxy resin / rubber
  • Insulator Material : PA+GF / TPU
  • Applicable Temperature : -25℃ ~ +80℃
  • Insulation Impedance : ≥100MΩ
  • Contact Impedance : ≤5mΩ
  • Durability : ≥500 cycles
  • Molding Material : TPU/PVC
  • Waterproof Level : IP67
  • Execution Standard : IEC 61076-2-101  Industry 4.0 agreement, NEMA2000 standard

Straight And 90 Degree Angled M12 3 Pin Cable Name And Order Rules

Order NO. Description The first part:series number + type number, each product has its part number on the album details page, and customers can choose according to the picture and part number; The second part:number of cores + interface model + wire + length. According to the following instructions, customers can fill in corresponding parameters as required to facilitate customization.

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One End M13 3 Pin Cable Items And Dimension Overmoulded M12 A Coded Connector Items And Dimension

A-Code M12 3 Pin Cable – Dust Cover

m12 connector 4 pin dust cover

Male Female M12 3 Pin Cable – Pin Arrangement

m12 connector 4 pin a b d coded pin arrangement

Male Female M12 3 Pin Cable A Coded – Electrical Paramenters

m12 connector 4 pin electrical parameter

A Coded M12 3 Pin Cable –Wire Definition

m12 connector 4 pin wire definition

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CAZN electrics M12 connector Catalog

cazn m12 connector catalog