Waterproof USB Connector

Waterproof USB connector also called IP67 USB cable connector , CAZN IP67 USB connector have different types , such USB 2.0 , USB 3.0 , micro USB , Type-C .

Connector USB is short for Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus) , is an external bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. It is an interface technology applied in the PC field.

USB has the advantages of fast transmission speed , convenient use , support for hot plugging , flexible connection , independent power supply , etc . It can be connected to various peripherals such as keyboard , mouse , and mass storage devices . This interface is also widely used in smart phones . The interaction between intelligent devices such as computers and external data is mainly based on the network and USB interfaces .

Some outdoor equipment that needs high speed data transmission , will need waterproof USB connector .

The CAZN outdoor IP67 USB connector have USB Male to male overmolded with cable , female to male overmolded with cable , female receptacle to male overmolded with cable , female to female receptacle , female back mount PCB receptacle , USB 2.0 female back mount receptacle with wire .

The IP67 waterproof USB connector widely used in some waterproof application scenarios such as mechanical equipment, outdoor equipment, lamps, IOT equipment, etc.

The outdoor USB cable connector made of PA66 shell , fire proof V-0 , rated voltage is 30V ,conductor materials made of brass , rated current is 1.5A , the default cable material is PVC , and the cable length could be cusomized by requirement , durability above 2000 cycles .

The thread of the USB waterproof cable connector is E13 , compatible with other connectors that have same E13 thread .

Molded outdoor usb cable connector made of PA66 have very stable performance , seals and locking devices protect the electrical components of the connector from the external environment, such as shocks , foreign objects , moisture , dust , water or cleaning agents , coolants , and other liquids intrusion.