M5 Connector

Description Of M5 Connector

M5 connector is waterproof circular connector with 5mm locking thread, so it’s also called M5 circular connector , M5 connectors have gender as male or female , there are two pin arrangements , 3 pin or 4 pin . The connector is used to connect cable and equipment , the cable side we called M5 cable connector , the M5 bulkhead connector will be mounted at the equipment side .

Types Of M5 Connectors

  • M5 cable connector : overmoulded with cables , one end or both end with M5 connector , each end can be male or female , 3 pin or 4 pin
  • Panel mout M5 connector : male and female 3 pin 4 pinĀ  front panel mount and back panel mount with solder termination , PCB mount

Above picture and links show our M5 connector .