Accelerometer Cable Connector

Accelerometer cable and accelerometer connector are both used for accelerometer data and power connection , above pictures shows the most widely used accelerometer connectors and accelerometer cables . The accelerometer include single axis accelerometer and triaxial acceleroemeter . Following content shows different accelerometer cable connectors :

Triaxial accelerometer cable connectors :

  • Female 4 pin 1/4-28UNF to 3 BNC cable : It’s one of the most popular triaxial accelerometer cable that had been used by different trial accelerometer producers , such as PCB , MMF , Kistler , STI , Hansford , B&K , the 4 pin 1/4-28UNF connect to the triaxial accelerometer , and the 3 BNC connectors connect to the data logger , the 3 BNC connectors transmit the X Y Z axis datas . It’s low noise cable made of teflon jacket .
  • 4 pin female 8-36UNF to 3 BNC cable : 8-36UNF is US standard , this triaxial accelerometer cable is also used a lot for PCB accelerometer .
  • 1/2-28 UNEF-2B 4 pin female to 3 BNC cable : the coupling thread is 1/2-28 UNEF-2B , cable length can be customized
  • 4 pin M12 female to 3 BNC cable : as M12 connector is the most widely used waterproof connector , so some triaxial accelerometer also use M12 connectors .
  • MIL-C-5015 4 pin MS3106 to 3 BNC cable : it’s also widely used triaxial accelerometer cable

Singe axis accelerometer cable

  • 10-32 to BNC cable : it’s coaxial cable has 10-32 connector at one end and BNC connector at other end , low noise
  • M3 to BNC cable : It’s single axis coaxial cable with one end M3 and other end BNC connector
  • BNC to BNC cable : Both end BNC single axis accelerometer cable
  • SMB to BNC cable : low noise single axis accelerometer cable with one end SMB and other end BNC