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M12 bulkhead connector is also called M12 panel mount connector , the M12 connector should be installed in front or back of the bulkhead , install the bulkhead M12 connector to the hole on the bulkhead , and then lock the M12 panel mount connector with locking nut . There is gasket between between the locking nut and the bulkhead to make the M12 bulkhead connector waterproof .

Shine Industrial is TOP M12 panel mount connector manufacturer and supplier in China , we supplier various M12 bulkhead connectors which are compatible with Binder , Turck , Phoenix , TE , MURR and other brand.

M12 Bulkhead Connector - Different Types

Accrod to different installation position , there are front panel mount M12 bulkhead connector , back panel mount M12 bulkhead connector . Accord to the contact connection method , there are solder M12 bulkhead connector , M12 PCB mount connector (also called PCB mount M12 bulkhead connector , PCB M12 panel mount connector ) , SMD M12 bulkhead connector ( also called M12 SMD connector ) . The solder M12 panel mount connector could be prewired with customized wire length , or users can solder the wires themselves , the solder M12 bulkhead connectors could be front mount or back panel mount . Bulkhead M12 PCB mount connectors could be straight type or right angle type , could be with PE pin(ground pin) . All these M12 panel mount connectors could be male or female . There are square M12 bulkhead connectors mainly are front panel mounted .

front mount M12 bulkhead connector

M12 Bulkhead Connector - Coding Type

SHINE is M12 bulkhead connector manufacturer with full range of M12 panel mount connector . Accord to colding type , have M12 A coded bulkhead connector , M12 B coded panel mount connector , M12 C coded bulkhead connector , M12 D coded bulkhead connector , M12 X coded bulkhead connector , M12 Y coded panel mount connector , M12 S coded bulkhead connector , M12 T coded bulkhead connector , M12 K coded bulkhead connector , M12 L coded bulkhead connector , M12 M coded panel mount connector . A coded M12 bulkhead connector is mainly used for sensor and actuator in automation field,B code M12 panel mount connector could be used for fieldbus ,C coded M12 bulkhead connector is used for AC power , D coded and X coded M12 bulkhead connector could be used for industrial ethernet , so they’re also called M12 ethernet bulkhead connector . S coded , T coded , L coded , K coded , M coded M12 bulkhead connector are used for AC , DC , and 3 phase power supply , if you need more information , welcome to contact our sales .

M12 A coded bulkhead connector
M12 A Coded Bulkhead Connector
M12 B coded bulkhead connector
M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
M12 C Coded Bulkhead Connector

M12 Bulkhead Connector - Contacts Number

Some of the M12 bulkhead connector have same contacts but different coding type , such as M12 2 pin bulkhead connector could be A coded , S coded , T coded , L coded , M coded , K coded , M12 3 pin bulkhead connector have A coded , C coded , S coded , T coded , K coded , M coded , L coded , M12 4 pin bulkhead connector , could be A coded , B coded , C coded , D coded , T code , M coded , L coded , K coded , S coded , M12 5 pin bulkhead connector have  A coded , B coded , C coded , K coded , L coded , M coded  , M12 8 pin bulkhead connector could be A coded , X coded , Y coded , M12 12 pin and 17 pin bulkhead connector only could be A coded . Although they have same contacts , but are designed for different applications . All the coding type and contact number M12 bulkhead connector could be male and female .

M12 2 pin bulkhead connector
M12 2 Pin Bulkhead Connector
M12 3 pin bulkhead connector
M12 3 Pin Bulkhead Connector

M12 Connector - Application

As we talked above, different M12 bulkhead connectors are designed for different application , sensor M12 bulkhead connects mainly use M12 A coded 3 pin , 4 pin , 5 pin , 6 pin and 8 pin , M12 ethernet bulkhead connectors mainly use M12 A coded 8 pin , M12 D coded 4 pin , M12 X coded 8 pin , M12 Y coded 6 pin and 8 pin . All the S coded , T coded , L coded , K coded , M coded are designed for power connection . M12 B coded bulkhead connectors are used for fieldbus applications.

sensor M12 bulkhead connector
Sensor M12 Bulkhead Connector
M12 Ethernet bulkhead connector
M12 Ethernet Bulkhead Connector
Power M12 bulkhead connector
Power M12 Bulkhead Connector
Fieldbus M12 bulkhead connector
Fieldbus M12 Bulkhead Connector

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Reduce Your Cost And Delivery Time With Shine M12 Bulkhead Connector

Shine Industry produce and supply various M12 bulkhead connectors with CAZN brand , our connectors are compatible with Binder , Murr , Phoenix , Turck , The connectors we produce had been sold to more than 80 countries in the world , widely used for sensor , actuator , automation , industrial ethernet , industrial camera and other industries.

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Massive stock for M12 field wireable connector and M12 bulkhead connector ,  stock of raw materials for commonly used overmoulded M12 connectors and cables


Provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, keep customers' products competitive, and be guided by customers' needs and interests

High compatibility

ISO9001 factory, strict quality control, design and production accord to national standards, compatible with Binder, Murr, Turck, Phoenix, BELDEN and other brands

Various Types

A variety of M12 connectors, a full range of codes and pin counts, different cable materials, a wealth of M12 adapter types, M12 field wireable connectors with different materials and terminations , front mount , back mount , PCB , SMD M12 bulkhead connectors

Customization Service

Experienced R&D engineers with more than ten years waterproof connector R&D experience, customization from drawings and samples, cable material, cable length, conductor size, coupling method, designed according to your needs

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Wholesale M12 Bulkhead Connectors

SHINE is M12 bulkhead manufacturer locates Shenzhen , China. We have various M12 panel mount connectors as front mount , back mount , PCB mount , SMD type , different coding type and pin quantities . The connectors could be prewired at our factory with the length at your requirement. Working with Shine Industry also offers other advantages:

#1 M12 Bulkhead Connectors Made From Top-quality Materials

To produce good quality M12 panel mout connectors, we must first select high-quality materials provided by high-quality suppliers. Our partners are all top-notch in the industry and have many years of cooperation experience to ensure the stability and quality of material supply. The shell of the M12 bulkhead connector is made of high-quality zinc alloy processed by high precision machine tools. The zinc alloy has very good mechanical properties and is easy to process and produce. The surface is nickel-plated to ensure very good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. Contacts selects high-quality brass for gold-plating process, which enhances anti-oxidation performance and reduces contact resistance while ensuring electrical conductivity. The insure is made of PA66, which has very good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

#2 Free M12 Bulkhead Connector Samples for Our Clients

Placing bulk orders without samples often means huge risks. Purchasing multiple samples always leads to waste of money and time. We provide free samples for testing for cooperation with sincere cooperation, reduce procurement risks and costs, and improve communication efficiency

#3 Excellent Pre-sales And After-sales Support

Our sales team is made up of experienced engineers and sales managers, professional answers will reduce time waste during communication, professional R&D engineers provide customized services for your special needs, our after-sales service team is professional and responsible to ensure the timely delivery of your goods, the product application can be completed smoothly.

Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing M12 connectors

In order to ensure that the M12 bulkhead connector you choose is suitable for your application, it is necessary for you to find out some questions before ordering. For example, you need front panel mount or back panel mount, what’s the contact quantity , whether it is male or female, what is the oding type, what is it used for, whether it needs to be wired, whether it needs to be soldered or PCB mounted, or SMD type.

#1 Solder M12 bulkhead connectors

  • Shell material
  • Contact quantity
  • Need it prewired or not , if pre-wired , the wire length
  • Front mount or back mount
  • Coding type
  • Male or female
  • Do you need it PG9 or M12 locking nut
  • Wire definition

#2 For M12 PCB Mount Connector

  • Coding type
  • Pin quantity
  • Male or female
  • Straight or right angled
  • Do you have PCB drawing, if not, ask it from our sales team
  • Normally M12 PCB mount connector is back mounted

#3 For SMD M12 Bulkhead Connector

  • Coding type , not all coding have SMD type
  • Pin quantity , not available for all pin quantity
  • Male or female
  • Do you have PCB drawing, if not , ask it from our sales team
  • Front mount or back mount

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