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M12 X coded connector is 8-pin M12 connector , it’s also called M12 Ethernet connector, had been widely used for 10Gbps industrial etherent . The X coded M12 connector has a unique coding mechanism that prevents cross-mating with other M12 connectors . The M12 X-code connector will be connected four pairs of wires(ethernet cable) that are twisted to minimize crosstalk and provide better noise immunity. X-coded M12 connectors include following types:

  • Both end X-coded M12 ethernet cable – both end M12 connector, or one end M12 X-coded, the other end with RJ45 connector
  • One end M12 X coded cable – One end with M12 male or female connector, could be straight or 90 degree angled, the other end open, customized length
  • Field wireable M12 X coded connector – Zinc alloy shell, male is crimp termination, female is solder termination, straight or right angled shape
  • M12 X coded bulkhead connector – mainly is female, back panel mount, THR, THD, SMD types, X coded M12 ethernet bulkhead cable(M12 to RJ45)
  • X-coded 8-pin M12 to RJ45 adapter : Back panel mount, used to connector RJ45 cable inside the equipment

M12 X code connector from different manufacturers such Binder , Murr , Turck , Phoenix , BELDEN, CAZN are compatible with each other .  The following content is about the different types of M12 X-code connectors.

Both End X-coded M12 Ethernet Cable-M12 To RJ45 Ethernet Cable

Both end M12 X-coded cable has been widely used in industrial automation, industrial cameras, and industrial Ethernet, one end is molded male or female X-code 8 pin M12 connector or panel mount female M12 X code connector, the other end RJ45 connector(can also be X-code M12 connector) .The X-coded both end M12 cable have following characteristics:

  • Cable type : PVC or PUR jacket, drag-chain cable which also called robot cable, moving cable, towline cable is available
  • Cable length : 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M or customized
  • Cable color : black, blue, green
  • Ethernet cable category : CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A
  • M12 connector : overmolded male or female, straight and right angled, panel mount female 
Straight M12 X Coded To RJ45 Cable

One end M12 X-Coded Cable

It has similar characteristics as the both end M12 ethernet cables, just only one end, the other end is open. Female moulded M12 X-coded cable is available.

Field Wireable M12 X Coded Connector

In some automation field maintenance scenarios, sometimes it’s necessary to perform emergency maintenance on industrial Ethernet. Then, if there is a field wireable M12 X coded connetor , the problem can be solved quickly, and can adjust the cable length accrod to project requirement. There are still some projects that need to be installed in a very short time, then X coded M12 field wireable connector will be a better choice. 

  • Termination : male connector is crimp termination, female connector is solder termination
  • Shape : Straight or right angled
  • Gender : Male and female
  • Shielding performance : shielded

Purchase notes : 

  • Crimp termination need special tools
  • Please pay attention to the cable diameter, cable size too small or big will not have good waterproof performance

M12 X Coded Bulkhead Connector

It’s also called panel mount M12 X-code ethernet connector, have following types:

  • Shielded bulkhead connector :  solder termination, with a shielded tube, prewired or customer can make the cable installation
  • PCB mount straight type : also called THD, through hole device, back panel mount, female, M16x1.5mm locking thread
  • PCB mount right angled type : the insulator and the shell could be mounted seperately, through hole PCB mount
  • SMD type : surface mount, front or back mount, shell and insulator could be mount seperately
  • THR type : through hole reflow soldering, similar as SMD connector, but have mounting hole
X-coded M12 bulkhead connector mostly choose female type.

M12 X Coded To RJ45 Adapter

In some applications, it is necessary to convert M12 X coded connector to RJ45 connector. This X coded M12 to RJ45 M12 splitter is usually panel mount, with straight type and right angle type, the M12 connector is external of the equipment/bulkhead, and female RJ45 is inside the equipment/bulkhead to connect a male RJ45 cable.

Panel Mount M12 X Coded To RJ45 Adapter
Straight M12 D Code To RJ45
Right Angle Panel Mount M12 X Coded To RJ45 Adapter
Right Angle M12 D Coded To RJ45 Adapter

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Do you know these key words for 8-pin X coded M12 to RJ45 Ethernet cable ?

In order to better understand and choose M12 X-coded ethernet cable, you need to understand the meaning of the following keywords.

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a

They are different Ethernet cable categories, Cat5e - Up to 1Gbps speed,100 MHz bandwidth, 100 meters distance. Cat6 - Up to 10Gbps speed, 250 MHz bandwidth, 55 meters distance. Cat6A - Up to 10Gbps speed, 500 MHz bandwidth, 100 meters distance.

Cable jacket

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a cost-effective, versatile material that is widely used in construction, packaging, and electrical industries, PUR(Polyurethane) is a more specialized material that has high strength, toughness, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Drag-chain ethernet cable

It's specially designed to withstand the repeated bending and stretching that occurs when they are pulled through a cable carrier or drag chain.They have a durable outer jacket(PVC or PUR) and flexible design that allows them to bend and twist without breaking.

Key position for right angled connector

The key position for a right-angled M12 connector refers to the orientation of the keyway in the connector. The keyway is a small notch or groove on the mating face of the connector that is used to ensure that the connector is correctly aligned and inserted into the socket.

Shielding grade

S/FTP SF/FTP F/FTP SF/FTP are different shielding grades for ethernet cables, TP means twisted pair, F stands for foil,  S means braid layer, these are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk

Know More M12 Connector Knowledge

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M12 X-Coded Ethernet Pinout

The M12 X-coded to RJ45 Ethernet pinout is a wiring configuration used to connect an M12 X-coded Ethernet connector to an RJ45 Ethernet connector. This type of wiring is commonly used in industrial environments where M12 X-coded connectors are used for Ethernet connections but equipment is also compatible with RJ45 connectors. For different application the customer may have different pinout, we can customized the pinout according to the requirement.

M12 X-coded To RJ45 Ethernet Pinout

Application Of M12 X-Coded Ethernet Connector

The M12 X-coded connector is a rugged and reliable connector that is designed to support high-speed communication in industrial automation and control applications. Its compact size and durability make it an ideal choice for use in harsh environments where space is at a premium

#1 Factory automation

The M12 X-coded connector is used in factory automation systems to connect sensors, actuators, and other devices. It enables high-speed communication between these devices, which is essential for real-time control and monitoring.

#2 Robotics

The M12 X-coded connector can be used in robotics applications to connect the various sensors, cameras, and other components that are used in robotic systems. It enables high-speed communication between these components, which is essential for accurate and reliable operation.

#3 Machine vision systems

The M12 X-coded connector is used in machine vision systems to connect cameras and other imaging devices. It enables high-speed data transfer, which is essential for real-time image processing and analysis.

#4 Transportation

 M12 X-coded connectors are also used in transportation applications, such as railways and automotive systems. These connectors provide a reliable and robust connection for data and power transmission, which is critical for ensuring the safety and reliability of transportation systems.

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