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M12 splitters are also known as M12 adapters, are used to connect multiple M12 connectors or to connect an M12 device to another interface device, such as an RJ45 device or M8 connectors. They are commonly used in automation applications to split a single signal or instruction into multiple signals or instructions that can be transmitted to multiple devices via M12 connectors. M12 splitters come in a variety of shapes, coding types, and contact configurations to suit different applications, and they are often made with an overmolded PA66 shell and metal locking nuts for durability. The cable length and shape can be customized to meet the specific needs of the application.

Shine is M12 splitter manufacturer with TOP brand CAZN in China , we supply various M12 splitters which are compatible with Phoenix , Binder , MURR , MOLEX , TE , TURCK and other famous brand .

M12 Splitter - Types

There are several types of M12 splitters, including T-shaped, Y-shaped, panel-mount, and M12-to-M8 and M12-to-RJ45 adapters.

  • T-shaped M12 splitter: This type of splitter has a “T” shape and is used to split a single M12 connector into two separate connectors. It is commonly used in applications where two devices need to be connected to a single M12 connector.
  • Y-shaped M12 splitter: This type of splitter has a “Y” shape and is used to split a single M12 connector into three separate connectors. It is commonly used in applications where three devices need to be connected to a single M12 connector.
  • Panel-mount M12 splitter: This type of splitter is designed to be mounted on a panel or enclosure and is used to connector M12 connectors inside and outside of the equipment.
  • M12-to-M8 splitter: This type of splitter is used to convert an M12 connector to an M8 connector. It is commonly used in applications where an M8 connector is required but an M12 connector is available.
  • M12-to-RJ45 splitter: This type of splitter is used to convert an M12 connector to an RJ45 connector, which is a type of connector commonly used for Ethernet cables. It is commonly used in applications where an RJ45 connector is required but an M12 connector is available.
M12 T splitter
M12 T Splitter
M12 T splitter cable
M12 T Splitter Cable
M12 Y splitter
M12 Y Splitter
M12 L splitter
M12 L Splitter
M12 Y Splitter Cable
Customized M12 splitter
Customized M12 Splitter
M12 panel mount adapter
M12 Panel Mount Adapter
M12 to M8 splitter
M12 To M8 Splitter
M12 to RJ45 adapter
M12 RJ45 Adapter

M12 Splitter - Coding Type

The different coding types of the M12 splitter refer to the way that the pins on the connector are wired. A-coded connectors have 2-17 pins and are used for sensor and automation system, B-coded connectors have 5 pins and are used for digital and analog signals, and D-coded connectors have 4 pins and are used for data transmisstion such as industrial ethernet. A-coded connectors are the most widely used because they are suitable for a wide range of applications and are generally the most cost-effective option.

A coded M12 splitter
A Coded M12 Splitter
B coded M12 splitter
B Coded M12 Splitter
D Coded M12 Splitter

M12 Splitter - Contacts Number

M12 splitter connectors typically have a specified number of pins, which can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. For example, an M12 splitter connector might have 3 pins, 4 pins, 5 pins, 8 pins, or 12 pins. An M12 splitter may have the same number of pins as the connector it is splitting, or it may have additional pins to allow for multiple connections. For example, an M12 splitter with 12 pins would be able to split a 12-pin M12 connector into two separate connections.

M12 17 pin splitter
M12 17 Pin Splitter
M12 12 pin splitter
M12 12 Pin Splitter
M12 8 pin splitter
M12 8 Pin Splitter
M12 5 pin splitter
M12 5 Pin Splitter
M12 4 pin splitter
M12 4 Pin Splitter
M12 3 pin splitter
M12 3 Pin Splitter

What Type Of M12 Splitter Do You Need ?
Contact our sales manager for more available products.

Shine M12 Splitter Help Improve Your Supply Chain

Shine Industrial is M12 splitter producer and supplier in China , we make stock for most of the M12 adapters to insure fast deliery time , the M12 splitters not only cost-effective , but also compatible with Binder , MURR , TE , Phoenix , TURCK and other brands . The products could be customized with your requirement.

Fast Delivery

Massive stock for M12 Y splitter , M12 T splitter , M12 to M8 splitter , M12 to RJ45 splitter , main materials stock for other M12 splitters , make sure fast delivery time.


Provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, keep customers' products competitive, and be guided by customers' needs and interests

High compatibility

ISO9001 factory, strict quality control, design and production accord to national standards, compatible with Binder, Murr, Turck, Phoenix, BELDEN and other brands

Various Types

A variety of M12 connectors, a full range of codes and pin counts, different cable materials, a wealth of M12 adapter types, M12 field wireable connectors with different materials and terminations , front mount , back mount , PCB , SMD M12 bulkhead connectors

Customization Service

Experienced R&D engineers with more than ten years waterproof connector R&D experience, customization from drawings and samples, cable material, cable length, conductor size, coupling method, designed according to your needs

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Wholesale M12 Splitters

SHINE is one the TOP M12 splitter manufacturer in China , we supply various M12 splitters to customers over 80 countries , which had been widely used for automation and other field . The M12 splitter and M12 splitter cable include A coded ,  B coded , D coded , 3 pin , 4 pin , 5 pin , 6 pin , 8 pin , 12 pin , 17 pin , the products could be customized while the current ones couldn’t meet your requirement . Working with Shine Industry also offers other advantages:

#1 M12 Splitters – Why  We Can Maintain High Quality

Product quality is a basic guarantee for a company to be invincible for a long time. To ensure the excellent quality of our M12 splitter, we must first have high-quality raw materials provided by reliable suppliers, all of our suppliers have cooperated for more than 5 years, have rich experience, stable quality of raw materials. Our incoming inspection department will strictly inspect incoming materials. To ensure the stable quality of M12 splitter, advanced equipment and strict production process are also very important. SHINE has strict production operation rules and experienced staff to ensure stable product quality. Guarrantee the customers can receive qualified M12 splitter, QC control is the last important hurdle. Strict QC inspection rules make our products win the customers’ long term trust.

#2 How To Customize M12 Splitter 

In some product applications, the customers have some special requirements for M12 splitter. For example, the conventional one splitting into two is not enough, it may be necessary to split one into three, one into four, or even split into more interfaces, or existing M12 splitters products do not have corresponding contact number or codes. We can produce according to the customer’s drawings, and can also make drawings according to the customer’s requirements for confirmation. SHINE’s experienced R&D team will strive to meet the needs of each customer.

#3 How To Distribute Our M12 Splitter

In order to further expand the brand influence and bring better solutions and M12 spitter products to global customers, we are recruiting partners all over the world, if you are interested, please contact our sales manager, we will reply you as soon as possible.

How To Choose Suitable M12 Splitters

I thought that there are many types of M12 splitters, and purchasing products without careful selection is very likely to waste money and time and delay the progress of the project. Here’s what you need to know before you buy M12 splitters

#1 M12 Splitter Interface

  • Coding type , A coded or B coded or D coded
  • Male and female interface quantity
  • Pin quantity
  • Shielded or unshielded

#2 Shape Of M12 Splitter

  • T type or Y type or L type , or panel mount , or with cable
  • How many connectors will connector will connect with the M12 splitter , how many interface will one M12 split to

#3 M12 Splitter Cable

  • The cable length
  • Cable material , PUR or PVC
  • Working current and voltage

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