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M12 M code connector comply with IEC 61076-2-111 standard , have rated voltage 630V , rated currant 8A , have pin quantity as 2 pin , 2+PE , 3+PE , 4+PE , 5+PE , the M code M12 connector could be used for 3 phase power connection , such as 3 phase motors or other 3 phase automation equipments . The M code M12  cable can be made single end male or female , other both end , each end can be male or female . Panel mount M12 M code bulkhead connector have front mount type , and back mount type , termination could be solder type , pre wired , PCB type .

SHINE provides various M12 M code connectors which are compatible with other manufacturers such Binder , Murr , Turck , Phoenix , BELDEN . The M12 M  code connectors could be customized by customer’s requirement , such as cable meterial , cable length , locking size , conductor size , wire definition , cable color .

Overmoulded M12 M Coded Cable And Panel Mount M12 M Code Connector

The prewided M12 M code connector is made of 12mm screw metal locking nut , cable jacket meterial have PVC or PUR for option , PUR is normally used for harsh environment , such as environment with corrosive gas liquid or high temperature and low temperature, PVC cable is used for ordinary environment . The M code M12 bulkhead connector can also be prewided , the wire difinition and wire length could be confirmed before order . PCB M12 M code connector not listed in following content , but it’s available . PCB M code M12 connector is normally back panel mount . The front panel mount M12 M code connector is installed from front of the bulkhead , and back panel mount M12 M code connector is installed from back of the bulkhead .

Moulded Male 5+PE M12 M Code Cable
Moulded Male 5+PE M12 M Code Cable
Moulded 5+PE Female M12 M Code Cable
Moulded 5+PE Female M12 M Code Cable
Back Panel Mount 5+PE Female M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Back Panel Mount 5+PE Female M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Back Panel Mount 5+PE Male M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Back Panel Mount 5+PE Male M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Front Panel Mount 5+PE Male M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Front Panel Mount 5+PE Male M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Front Panel Mount Female 5+PE M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector
Front Panel Mount Female 5+PE M12 M Code Bulkhead Connector

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Improve Your Supply Chain With Shine M12 M Code Connector ?

How to become a reliable M12 M code connector supplier is a question that SHIEN Industry has been thinking about all the time. We continue to improve our work in terms of delivery time, price, quality, compatibility, product variety, product customization, etc. These are also aspects that customers pay more attention to when choosing suppliers. Fast delivery can not only speed up project progress, but also improve work efficiency and speed up capital turnover. Advantageous prices can bring more customers to manufacturers and help customers improve market competitiveness. High compatibility and rich product categories can expand customers’ scope of use and improve competitiveness. The ability to customize products can help customers provide more many applications. SHINE also produce M12 S coded and M12 K coded for AC power connection .

Fast Delivery

Massive stock for M12 M code bulkhead connector . Materials and cable stock for overmoulded connector to insure fast delivery .


Provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, keep customers' products competitive, and be guided by customers' needs and interests

High compatibility

ISO9001 factory, strict quality control, design and production accord to national standards, compatible with Binder, Murr, Turck, Phoenix, BELDEN and other brands

Various Types

We provide overmoulded male and female M12 M coded connector  one end or both end , prewired M12 M coded bulkhead connector , solder M12 M code panel mount connector , straight and right angle PCB M12 M coded bulkhead connector .

Customization Service

Experienced R&D engineers with more than ten years waterproof connector R&D experience, customization from drawings and samples, cable material, cable length, conductor size, coupling method, designed according to your needs

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Wholesale M12 M Coded Connectors

SHINE Industry wholesale M12 M code connector , we manufacture and sell CAZN Brand M12 connector which is the top brand in China market , our circular waterproof connector had been sent to more than 80 countries in the world, trusted by the majority of end customers and traders, we have more than ten years of experience in the production of waterproof connectors, is an ISO9001 manufacturer.. Working with Shine Industry also offers other advantages :

#1 Good quality M12 M coded connectors

Any quality problem will reduce the customer’s trust in M12 M Code supplier. Excellent quality can allow customers to build long-term trust and reduce the loss caused by quality problems. Selecting excellent and reliable suppliers is an important part of quality control. Our suppliers have long-term cooperative relationships and provide market-leading raw materials. Incoming inspection can further ensure the quality of raw materials. Strict production management ensures that the M12 M code connector is produced in strict accordance with the production drawings, and the perfect inspection system does the final product inspection before leaving the factory.

#2 Competitive price 

As we all know, the price is related to the raw materials. We compare the quality of the international famous brands Phoenix, Binder, Murr and other manufacturers. Under the condition of providing the same quality, we will provide a more advantageous price, and will never reduce the raw materials and quality to low the price.

#3 Excellent Service And Respond Time

Sometimes when I ask newly contacted suppliers about certain products, they sometimes respond very slowly, sometimes they respond very unprofessional. If we waste a lot of time on them, will delay business opportunities or even buy Products that do not meet the requirements. Our service team has experienced engineers and sales managers to ensure that we can be prepared to understand customer requirements and respond in a timely manner.

Precautions for purchasing M12 M coded connector

As people know more and more about the M12 M code connector, more and more engineers choose the M code M12 connector as the AC power connection solution, especially for 3 phase power supply. When purchasing the M12 M code connector, you need to confirm the male and female , number of cores, cable length, one end or both end, cable material, how to install, working environment and other factors.

#1 For Prewired M12 M Code Cable

  • Male or female 
  • Cable material and electrical performance. 
  • Cable length .
  • One end or both end , interface at each end
  • Wire harness requirement

#2 For M12 M Coded Bulkhead Connector

  • Prewired(wire length, wire definition), solder type or PCB type
  • Front mount or back mount

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