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Shine Industry is M12 connector manufacturer and supplier locates in Shenzhen, China . We produce various M12 connectors with A  coded , B coded , Coded , D coded , X coded , Y coded , S coded , T coded ,  K coded , L coded , M coded . The contacts number have 2 pin , 3 pin , 4 pin , 5 pin , 6 pin , 8 pin , 12 pin , 17 pin ; overmoulded M12 cable with PUR or PVC cable ; M12 Field wireable connector have solder termination , screw termination , crimp termination , front mount ; M12 bulkhead connector has back panel mount , front panel mount , PCB mount , SMD mount . 

Our products are compatible with other M12 connector manufacturers such Binder , Murr , Turck , Phoenix , BELDEN . The M12 connectors could be customized by customer’s requirement , such as cable meterial , cable length , locking size , conductor size , wire definition , cable color .

M12 Connector - Different Types

As top M12 conenctor manufacturer in China, SHINE offer various M12 connectors. Overmoulded M12 connector is also called prewired M12 connector , have cable jacket material as PVC , PUR , the M12 moulded connector is good choice for massive installation, the M12 cable have straight type or right angle type which could be male or female . M12 field wireable connector is better choice for small mount installation or field installation , convinent for quick maintance. M12 bulkhead connector from Shine Industry could be front mount , back mount , PCB mount , SMD type , with M16x1.5 locking thead or PG9 thread, the M12 bulkhead connectors can prewired accord to the user’s instruction. M12 adatpers have Y type , T type , L type , panel mount type , M8 to M12 adapter , T type M12 adapter with cables . The M12 adatper cables have M12 to USB , M12 to RJ45 , M12 to DB9 , M12 to DB15 , M12 to DB25 . The M12 resistor terminal have 120Ohm , male or female , A coded , B coded , C coded and D coded .

Overmoulded M12 connector

M12 Connector - Coding Type

Full range coding type M12 connector manufacturer Shine have A-coded , B-coded ,  C-coded ,  D-coded ,  X-coded , Y-coded , S-coded ,  T-coded ,  K-coded , L-coded ,  M-coded M12 connectors. A code is the earliest M12 connector coding type , and also the most popular type , 3 pin 4 pin 5 pin 8 pin M12 connector had been used a lot for sensor and actuator in automation area, engineers at first also use M12 A coded connector for power and data transmission , but if there’re same M12 A coded connectors for different  application, there will be risk of wrong mating , have posibility to damage equipments. Then engineer deveoped other coding types to avoid wrong mating. M12 B coded connector is widely used for fieldbus applications, such as Interbus , Profibus DP . M12 C coded connector is designed for AC power connection, M12 D coded connector is mainly for 100M bps industrial ethernet application , M12 X coded connector support 10G bps industrial ethernet , popular for industrial camera , M12 Y coded connector combine data and power connection in one connector , M12 S coded connector is designed for AC power , which may replace the M12 C coded connector . M12 T coded connector had getting popular for DC power connector , may replace the M12 A coded connector for DC power . M12 K coded connector have rated voltage 800V rated current 16A , transmit high power in small size. M12 L coded connector is mainly used for PROFINET power supply. M12 M coded connector is designed for 3 phase power connection.

M12 Connector - Contacts Number

Most M12 connector manufacturer and supplier couldn’t provide all pin options, such as M12 17 pin connector . Different coding type M12 connectors have different contact numbers, M12 A coded have the most pin options. Some different coding M12 connector have same contact number but for different appliation. M12 2 pin connector could be A coded , S coded , T coded , K coded , L coded , M coded , M12 3 pin connector have A coded , C coded , S coded , T coded , K coded , L coded , M coded . M12 4 pin connector have A coded , B coded , C coded , D coded , S coded , T coded , K coded , L coded , M coded . M12 5 pin connector could be A coded , B coded , C Coded , K coded , L coded , M coded . M12 6 pin connector hae A coded , C coded , Y coded and M coded . M12 8 pin connector could be A coded , X coded ,  Y coded . M12 12 pin connector and M12 17 pin connector only can be A coded .

M12 Connector - Application

M12 connector manufacturers had deveoped various products for different applicaitons. The M12 connectors are either used for data and signal transmission, or for power transmission, sensor M12 connector and actuator M12 connector most adopt  A coded , industrial ethernet could use M12 A coded 4 pin , M12 A coded 8 pin , M12 D coded 4 pin , M12 Y coded or M12 x coded 8 pin . M12 C coded , M12 S coded , M12 T coded , M12 K coded , M12 L coded , M12 M coded are used for power connection . M12 B coded 5 pin connector , M12 A coded 3 pin , M12 A coded 4 pin , M12 A coded 5 pin could be used for fieldbus applications.

M12 Connector - Shell Material

M12 connectors manufacturer developed different materials for the connetor shell, Different shell material will have different performance while working at harsh environment , for ordinary industrial environments, plastic M12 connectors would be available , metal M12 connectors will have better performance in low and high temperature , strong electromagnetic interference environment. Some products have even higher requirement, will need stainless steel M12 connector . Plastic shell of M12 connector is normally made of PA66(Nylon) , and metal shell of the M12 connectors are made nickel plated Zinc alloy.

M12 Connector - Cable Type

Not only overmoulded M12 connector could come with cables , as M12 connectors manufacturer , SHINE could offer cable assembly and wire harness for customers, so the M12 field wireable connectors can be wired at our factory . Before order the M12 cables , it is very important to confirm the material of the cable. Different material of cable jacket have varuous performance against oxidation, heat, oil, low and high temperature, electrical properties, radiation, water, acid, gasoline, alcohol , vibration in the environment. PVC cable is suitable for general automation applications. If there are factors such as corrosion, high and low temperature, and oil pollution in the environment, in order to ensure a longer service life, it is better to use PUR cable. If the M12 cable needs to be installed for a robot or towline system, you’d better use towline moving cable. In some specific occasions, armor M12 cable , spring M12 cable may also be used. For industrial ethernet , the M12 ethernet cable, while need to consider the corrosive gas and liquid in the environment , should also consider the electromagnetic interference in the environment, very good shielding performance is essential for stable and correct transmission of data.

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Shine Industry is one of the top M12 connector manufacturer and supplier in China , the product range is complete and the quality is reliable. Shine Industry is group companies have ISO9001 factory for M12 circular connectors with more than 15 years experience. Our products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Excellent quality and compatibility, won the love of global customers.

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Massive stock for M12 field wireable connector and M12 bulkhead connector ,  stock of raw materials for commonly used overmoulded M12 connectors and cables


Provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, keep customers' products competitive, and be guided by customers' needs and interests

High compatibility

ISO9001 factory, strict quality control, design and production accord to national standards, compatible with Binder, Murr, Turck, Phoenix, BELDEN and other brands

Various Types

A variety of M12 connectors, a full range of codes and pin counts, different cable materials, a wealth of M12 adapter types, M12 field wireable connectors with different materials and terminations , front mount , back mount , PCB , SMD M12 bulkhead connectors

Customization Service

Experienced R&D engineers with more than ten years waterproof connector R&D experience, customization from drawings and samples, cable material, cable length, conductor size, coupling method, designed according to your needs

Know More M12 Connector Knowledge

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Wholesale M12 Connectors

SHINE is M12 connector manufacturer and supplier , we have four production bases located in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, with a production workshop of more than 10,000 square meters, more than 400 skilled workers, more than 20 experienced R&D engineers, annual sales of more than 20 million US dollars, and more than 80 products exported. country and region.. Working with Shine Industry also offers other advantages:

#1 M12 Connectors Made From Top-quality Materials

To produce good quality M12 connectors , SHINE have strict supplier screening procedures, and the cooperative suppliers have been tested by time to ensure the consistency of quality and materials. Contacts selects high-quality copper materials and undergoes advanced gold-plating technology to ensure the purity of copper materials and the thickness of gold-plated layers. Moulding materials use high-quality imported materials, eliminate recycled materials, and ensure product quality. NBR nitrile rubber insure outstanding waterproof performance. High-precision CNC machine tools and injection molding machines imported from Germany ensure product accuracy.

#2 Free M12 Connector Samples for Our Clients

SHINE could be your reliable partner as M12 connector manufacturer , we provide free samples for customers who have sincere cooperation. Obtaining free samples before bulk orders can make you feel our sincerity and understand the quality of our products, and avoid losses due to inconsistent products and needs. If it is a customized product, some deposits may be required, and our company can bear the relevant costs for customized services with low cost.

#3 Excellent Pre-sales And After-sales Support

Efforts to catch up with the world-class M12 connector manufacturer, we continue to improve our services. Every question you have is answered by Shine Industry’s experienced sales team. Each sales team is equipped with product managers and technical engineers to ensure that your needs can be correctly understood and responded to in a timely manner, don’t waste your precious time with unprofessional company and sales consultants, Shine Industry is here for you!

Issues You Need To Pay Attention To Before Purchasing M12 connectors

Products from different M12 connector manufacturers may be different. In order to avoid wasting your precious time and money, there are many things that need your attention, such as the working environment on site, whether there are corrosive gases and liquids, what is the working temperature, whether there is electromagnetic radiation, whether there is vibration, and how much current needs to be transmitted , Can the M12 connector meet the space requirements? How long cable should the M12 connectors have? Should the M12 connector mated with other brand connector ?

#1 For overmoulded M12 connectors

  • Cable length , that’s the distance between the 2 equipments should be conncted. 
  • Shielded or not, if the M12 cable is used for data transmission, it’s better to choose shielded type . 
  • Straight or angled , mainly consider wire collection and space. 
  • Cable material , choose PVC for ordinary environment, choose PUR for harsh environment. 
  • Male or female , if the M12 connector on the equipment need to connected is male , then choose female M12 connector . 
  • Coding type and pin quantity , should be the same as the M12 connector that need to be mated. 
  • If you’re choosing M12 cables for a new design equipment, then consider actual requirement to choose pin quantity and coding type.

#2 For M12 Field Wireable Connector

  • The cable OD and conductor size that the M12 field wireable connector support
  • Female or male , depends on the M12 connector that will be mated
  • Pin quantity and code type , same as the M12 connector that will be mated
  • Termination , solder type is classic, but need good welding operation, and the high and low temperature resistance is not good, screw is the most popular type, but the vibration resistance is not good, the crimping type has very good vibration resistance and electrical connection characteristics, But professional tools are required, suitable for high-volume operations.

#3 For M12 Bulkhead Connector

  • Front mount or back mount , front mount have locking nut installed under the bulkhead , back mout have locking nut installed above the bulkhead.
  • Pre wired or not , if prewired , confirm the wire length and definition
  • Hole size , the M12 bulkhead connector have M12x1 and M16x1.5 locking thread , the hole size is different
  • Male or female , for sensor application mostly need male , for industrial ethernet , the M12 bulkhead connector is mostly female , other application depends on actual requirement.
  • Pin quantity and code type , depends on actual requirement
  • Straight or right angled
  • Solder type , PCB mount or SMD type

#4 M12 adapter

  • If panel mount choose I type
  • If connect M8 and M12 choose M8 to M12 adatper
  • Accord to actual environment and requirment choose Y type , T type or L type .
  • If the space is limited, may choose T type with cables
  • If need to connect M12 and RJ45 , then choose M12 to RJ45 adapter
  • Please note : each adapter can only support specific encoding and pin quantity

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