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M12 cable can also be referred to as overmoulded M12 connector or prewired M12 connector. The term “overmoulded” refers to the way the connector is molded over the cable, providing a secure and durable connection. “Prewired” means that the cable is already attached to the connector, making it easier to install and reducing the amount of time required to make the connection.

M12 cables can have one or both ends equipped with M12 connectors, and the length of the cable can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application. The jackets of the cables are typically made of PVC or PUR, which are both durable and resistant to harsh industrial conditions. The type of jacket material can be selected based on the specific requirements of the application, such as resistance to high temperatures or chemicals.

M12 Cables - Coding Type

The different types of M12 cables are designed for specific applications and environments, and each type offers different performance characteristics, such as data speed, power transmission, and environmental protection.

  • M12 A-Coded cables – used for sensor and actuator connections.
  • M12 B-Coded cables – used for fieldbus
  • M12 C-Coded cables – used for small power AC connection
  • M12 D-Coded cables – used for 100M bps industrial Ethernet connections.
  • M12 X-Coded cables – used for high-speed Ethernet connections with 10 Gigabit speeds.
  • M12 Y-Coded cables – hybrid industrial ethernet connector which could supply both data transmission and power connection.
  • M12 L-Coded, S-Coded, T-coded, M-coded, K-coded cables – are also call M12 power cables, used for different power connections.
M12 A coded cable

M12 Cables - Contacts Number

M12 cables come in different pin quantities to accommodate various electrical requirements. Here are some applications for different pin quantities of M12 connectors:

  • 2-pin, 3-pin, 4-pin M12 cables : These connectors are used in applications that require basic connectivity and control, such as digital inputs, outputs, and power supply connections.
  • 5-pin, 6-pin M12 cables : These connectors are often used in applications that require additional signals, such as analog inputs or outputs.
  • 8-pin M12 cables : These connectors are used in applications that require more signals, such as Ethernet communication or high-speed data transmission.
  • 12-pin , 17-pin M12 cables : These connectors are used in applications that require a large number of signals, such as industrial fieldbus systems or high-density I/O applications.


It’s important to consider the specific requirements of your application when choosing the appropriate M12 connector. The pin quantity, pin assignment, and other specifications should match the electrical requirements of the device or system being connected.

M12 Cables - Application

M12 cables are designed to be rugged and durable, and offer a secure and reliable connection for a variety of signals, including power, data, and fieldbus signals. Here’s a brief overview of different types of M12 cables:

  • M12 sensor cables: These cables are used to connect sensors and actuators, such as proximity sensors or photoelectric sensors, to control systems or other equipment. They are typically available 3-pin, 4-pin in shielded and unshielded versions, and may feature different types of connectors to accommodate different types of sensors.
  • M12 Ethernet cables: These cables are used to connect devices that use Ethernet communication, such as PLCs, I/O modules, and cameras. They are mostly A coded 4-pin, 8-pin, D-coded, X-coded, Y-coded, and are available in a variety of lengths and colors, and may feature different types of connectors, such as RJ45 connectors or M12 connectors, to match the specific requirements of the device or system being connected.
  • M12 fieldbus cables: These cables are used to connect fieldbus devices, such as drives, sensors, and actuators, to a control system. They are available in different lengths and colors, and may feature different types of connectors, such as M12 or Sub-D connectors, to match the specific requirements of the fieldbus system being used.
  • M12 power cables: These cables are used to connect power supplies and other equipment that requires AC or DC electrical power. They are typically available in different lengths and colors, and may feature different codes of M12 connectors, such as C-coded, S-coded, T-coded, K-coded, L-coded, M-coded, to match the specific requirements of the device or system being connected.

It’s important to choose the appropriate M12 cable for your application based on the specific requirements of your device or system, including the current and voltage requirement of the equipment, the distance between the devices, and any environmental factors, such as temperature or exposure to moisture or vibration.

sensor actuator M12 connector
M12 Sensor Cable
M12 fieldbus cables
M12 Fieldbus Cable

M12 Cables - Cable Type

The jacket material and form of M12 cables are important factors to consider when selecting the right cable for your application. Here are some common examples of different types of M12 cables based on their jacket material and form:

  • PVC M12 cable : These cables have a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket and are often used in ordinary industrial applications where there is little exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, or chemical exposure.
  • PUR M12 cable : These cables have a polyurethane (PUR) jacket and are designed for use in harsh environments where the cable may be exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, or chemicals. They are also more flexible and resistant to abrasion than PVC cables.
  • Spring M12 cable : These cables have a unique coiled spring design that allows for stretch and retraction, making them ideal for applications where the cable needs to move or stretch, such as in robotic applications.
  • Armor M12 cable : These cables have an armored jacket that provides additional protection against mechanical impact or sharp objects, making them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments where the cable may be exposed to impact or abrasion.
  • Moving M12 cable : These cables have a flexible and durable jacket that is designed to withstand repetitive motion and bending, making them ideal for use in applications where the cable needs to be frequently moved, such as in robotics or automated machinery.
  • M12 Ethernet cable : These cables are specifically designed for Ethernet communication and have a jacket and construction that meets Ethernet standards for data transmission.
PVC M12 cable
PVC M12 Cable
PUR M12 cable
PUR M12 Cable
spring M12 cable
Spring M12 Cable
armor M12 cable
Armor M12 Cable
towline moving M12 cable
Towline Moving M12 Cable
industrial ethernet M12 cables
Industrial Ethernet M12 Cable

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Issues You Need To Pay Attention To Before Purchasing M12 cables

Connector and cable are the 2 most important  things to pay attaention before purchasing M12 cables.  The connector interface  will determine the function and electrical performance  of the M12 cable , such as A coded M12 bulkhead connector are mostly installed on industrial sensors , then will need M12 A coded cable , D coded and X coded M12 connector are mostly used for industrial ethernet . For 3 phase power connection , M12 M coded cable would be a good choice.

#1 Connector Of M12 Cables

  • Male or female , if you need to mate a M12 male cable , then need to choose  M12 female cable
  • Coding and contact number , depends on actual application 
  • Straight or angled , mainly consider wire collection and space. 
  • Shielded or unshielded , normally for power connection don’t need to be shielded , but for data transmission , shielding performance is important

#2 Cables Of M12 Cables

  • Cable jacket material , PVC for ordinary environment , PUR for harsh environment
  • Shielded or unshielded as the connector
  • Cable length and wire harness
  • Both end or one end
  • Special requirement such M12 armor cable , M12 spring cable…

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