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M12 B coded connectors have unique coding system. The connectors use a 5-pin or 4-pin configuration with a distinct coding pattern that ensures only compatible devices can be connected. This coding system prevents accidental or incorrect connections, which can lead to equipment damage or safety hazards.

  • Application : B coded M12 connectors are widely used as Profibus cable , interbus cable . 5 pin M12 B coded to DB9 cable for Profibus DP and interbus protocol have different  wire definition .
  • Types : SHINE M12 B coded connector have moulded B coded M12 cable , B coded M12 bulkhead connector , B coded M12 splitter , B coded M12 adapter cables . M12 B coded connector have 4 pin and 5 pin for option . The connector can be straight type or right angle type , male and female for option.
  • Advantages : Our products are compatible with other M12 connector manufacturers such Binder , Murr , Turck , Phoenix , BELDEN . The M12 connectors could be customized by customer’s requirement , such as cable meterial , cable length , locking size , conductor size , wire definition , cable color .

Overmoulded M12 B Coded Cable

Overmoulded B coded M12 cables are a type of prewired M12 B coded connector that has been enhanced with a protective layer of molded material. The overmoulding process encases the connector and cable in a durable, protective material, providing additional protection against harsh environments, water, and dust. This type of cable is commonly used in applications that require a high level of durability and protection, such as industrial automation, transportation, and energy applications.


Field Wireable M12 B Coded Connector

The field wireable version of the M12 B-coded connector allows for on-site installation and repair, without the need for specialized tools or equipment. The connector is designed with screw or solder terminals that can make the cable installation easy and fast.

The B coded field wireable M12 connector shell can be made of either metal or plastic material, depending on the specific design and intended application. Metal shell connectors typically provide better electromagnetic shielding performance than plastic ones, due to the conductive properties of metal.

Metal M12 B Coded Solder Field Wireable Connector
Metal M12 B Coded Solder Field Wireable Connector
Solder M12 B Coded Right Angle Connector ​
Solder M12 B Coded Right Angle Connector

M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector

The M12 B-coded bulkhead connector is a versatile and durable connector that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. One of the key features of this connector is that it is available in a variety of mounting styles, including front mount and back mount. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate the connector into different types of equipment and systems.

Another important feature of the B-coded M12  bulkhead connector is that it can be used with a range of different connection types. The connector can be used with PCB mounting, allowing for easy integration with printed circuit boards. It can also be used with solder termination or prewired, which makes it easy to connect to other types of equipment or systems. The prewired option is especially useful in situations where the connector needs to be installed quickly or where the wiring is difficult to access.

The M12 B-coded bulkhead connector is also available in an SMD type, which is designed for surface-mount applications. This type of connector is ideal for use in applications where space is limited or where the connector needs to be mounted directly onto a circuit board. Additionally, the square type is another variation of the M12 B-coded bulkhead connector that is suitable for use in applications where a more compact and space-saving design is required.

Front Mount M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
Front Mount M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
Back Mount M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
PCB M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
PCB M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
SMD M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connetor
SMD M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
PCB M12 B Coded Right Angle Connector
PCB M12 B Coded Right Angle Connector
Square M12 B Coded Bulkhead Connector
Square M12 B Coded Connector

M12 B Coded Splitter

M12 B-coded splitters are devices that are used to split and distribute data signals in industrial automation systems. These splitters are designed to work with M12 B-coded connectors, which are commonly used in fieldbus applications.

M12 B-coded splitters play an important role in fieldbus applications, as they enable the connection of multiple devices to a single fieldbus network. These splitters are designed to split the incoming data signal into multiple output signals, which can then be distributed to different devices in the system. This allows for greater flexibility in system design and makes it easier to add or remove devices from the network.

B-coded M12 splitters are available in different configurations, such as T-splitters, Y-splitters, I-splitters, they enable the connection of one input signal to two output signals, with customized M12 B-coded splitters can enable the connection of one input signal to three or more output signals.

M12 B Coded Adapter Cables And Other M12 B Coded Connectors

M12 Profibus Cable
M12 Profibus Cable
Panel Mount M12 B Coded Cable
M12 B Coded Panel Mount Cable

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How To Choose M12 B Coded Connector Supplier

Currently the most well known M12 B coded connector producers are Europen , American and Japan brand , the price is very high and the delivery time is long , more and more customers are looking forward to find reliable suppliers from China . SHINE manufacture and sale circular waterproof connectors with the China TOP brand CAZN . Our B coded M12 connectors are compatible with Phoenix , Binder , Turck , TE , MURR and other brand , made with same material but more cost-effective and fast delivery time.

Top brand manufacturer

We have more than 10 years expenrience in the waterproof connector field, one of the TOP brand in China, reliable quality and company.


Provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, keep customers' products competitive, and be guided by customers' needs and interests

High compatibility

ISO9001 factory, strict quality control, design and production accord to national standards, compatible with Binder, Murr, Turck, Phoenix, BELDEN and other brands

Various Types

Rich type of B coded M12  connector such as moulded B coded M12 cable , field attachable connectors ,  splitters ,  panel mount connectors , SMD connector, PCB mount connectors , help you make one station purchase

Professional service

Experienced R&D team and sales team, response fast with professional solution and products, save your precious time, provide 2D and 3D drawing, free sample for evaluation, customized solution for different application.

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Why M12 B Coded Connector Is Used For Profibus

B-coded M12 connector is a reliable, standardized, and easy-to-use connector that meets the requirements for high-speed data transmission in industrial automation and control systems, making it a popular choice for Profibus networks.

#1 Robustness: 

The B-coded M12 connector is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, such as exposure to moisture, dust, and vibration. It has a rugged metal housing that provides a secure and reliable connection in challenging conditions.

#2 Standardization: 

The B-coded M12 connector is part of the IEC 61076-2-101 standard, which defines the electrical and mechanical properties of connectors for industrial automation and control systems. Profibus, being an industrial communication protocol, conforms to this standard and therefore uses the B-coded M12 connector for its connections.

#3 High-speed communication

Profibus requires a high-speed data transmission rate, which is achieved by using a shielded twisted pair cable and a connector that can handle high-frequency signals. The B-coded M12 connector has four or five contacts, which are sufficient for transmitting high-speed data and power signals in a compact form factor.

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