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SHINE is M12 extension cable top manufacture in China , we supply various M12 ethernet cables , A coded 8 pin M12 to RJ45 cable , D coded M12 4 pin to RJ45 cable , X coded M12 8 pin to RJ45 cable , M12 to DB9 cable , M12 to DB15 cable , M12 to DB25 cable , M12 to USB cable , M12 power supplier , M12 to BNC cable , M12 to SMA cable .

As M12 connector is the most popular circular waterproof connector , it has been widely for various applications , not only the both ends M12 connectors , but also M12 adapter cable ,such as the M12 to RJ45 cable could be used for industrial ethernet and industrial cameras , M12 to DB9 could be used for INTERBUS , M12 power supply for waterproof power connection .

The M12 extension cables could be customized accord the sample and drawing , we also help make drawing accord the customer’s requirement .

M12 Ethernet Cables - M12 To RJ45

M8 connector and M12 connector had been used a lot for industrial ethernet .  For example , ETHERNET protocol adopt 4 pin M12 D coded  to RJ45 (can be panel mount M12 D coded to RJ45 ), A coded M12 connector 8 pin to RJ45 , Y coded M12 8 pin cable , ETHERNET CAT6 protocol adopt X coded M12 connector 8 pin to RJ45 (can be panel mount M12 X coded to RJ45 ), EtherNET/IP protocol adopt A coded M12 8 pin to RJ45 ethernet cable , PROFINET adopt D coded M12 4 pin to RJ45 ethernet cable , EtherCAT and Sercos III protocols also adopt 4 pin M12 D coded to RJ45 ethernet cable , VARAN protocol adopt A coded M12 8 pin to RJ45 cable . We can see , different protocols may use same interface M12 etherent cables , but the wire definition may be different .

The M12 ethernet cable length could be customized , and the cable jacket material have PVC or PUR for option , while the M12 ethernet cables used for robots for towline system , the cable should be moving cable , which is wear-resistant and bending-resistant .

M12 To D-SUB Cables

M12 to DB9 cables had been widely used for fieldbus , the INTERBUS , PROFIBUS DP , adopt 5 pin M12 B coded connector to DB9 cables , CANopen adopt A coded 5 pin M12 to DB9 cables , M12 to DB15 cables and M12 to DB25 cables could be used for industrial camera systems . The M12 connector end could be male or female , straight or right angle , the M12 to D-SUB cables have customized cable length , and the M12 to DB9 could be one end M12 , one end DB9 , and also can be M12 splitter to one M12 and one DB9 connector .

Other M12 Extension Cables

Beside the above M12 extension cables , there’re other applications that may need M12 extension cable , for example , some customers need the power supplier directly moulded with the M12 connector , it’s for simple power connection , the most widely used is 5 pin M12 power supplier , M12 T coded connector and M12 L coded connector can also be used for DC power supply . M12 to USB cables could adopt M12 4 pin connector , M12 5 pin connector , M12 8 pin connector , M12 17 pin connector , different applications may choose different pins M12 connector to USB , the M12 to USB cable had been used a lot for automation . M12 to BNC cables could be used for car camera adapter , used for camera audio and video signal connections .

What Type M12 Extension Cable Do you Need ?
Contact our sales consultant for more available products.

Benefits That You Can Get To Choose SHINE M12 Extension Cable

SHINE have more than 10 years experience in the waterproof circular connector field , besides the standard M12 ethernet cables , M12 to DB9 cables , our professional R&D team could help you customize the M12 extension cable accord to your requirement , analyse the application , make the drawing for your approval , and provide sample for your test . The M12 adapter cables we produce had been sold to more than 80 countries , the cost-effective products , professional service , fast delivery time , high compatiblility had win lots of trust from worldwide customers.

Fast Delivery

We make stock for the commonly used M12 D coded to RJ45 cables , A coded M12 8 pin to RJ45 cables , X coded M12 8 pin to RJ45 cables , M12 to DB9 cables  quick delivery


Provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, keep customers' products competitive, and be guided by customers' needs and interests

High compatibility

ISO9001 factory, strict quality control, design and production accord to national standards, compatible with Binder, Murr, Turck, Phoenix, BELDEN and other brands

Various Types

Various M12 extension cables from different application , industrial ethernet cables include M12 4 pin to RJ45 , M12 8 pin to RJ45 , M12 to DB9 , M12 to DB15 , M12 to DB25 , M12 to USB , M12 to BNC , with customized cable length , PVC and PUR cable material , moving cable available .

Customization Service

Experienced R&D engineers with more than ten years waterproof connector R&D experience, customization from drawings and samples, cable material, cable length, conductor size, coupling method, designed according to your needs

Know More M12 Field Wireable Connector Knowledge

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Wholesale M12 Extension Cable

SHINE M12 adapter cables had been widely used for industrial ethernet , fieldbus wiring , machine vision industrial cameras and other automation fields . We supply the M12 to RJ45 cables , M12 to DB9 cables and other products not only to the final users , but also automaiton solution providers , sensor and actuator distributors , we’re also developing distributors around the world .Working with Shine Industry also offers other advantages :

#1 Top Quality M12 Extension Cables

SHINE M12 adapter cables use high-quality raw materials, such as PA66 shell, gold-plated copper contacts, UL-compliant PUR or PVC cable. The production department adopts advanced production technology, strict production process and quality management system to ensure that high-quality M12 adapter cable is provided to customers.

#2 Service We Provide To M12 Extension Cable Customers

Our experienced team consists of senior business managers, experienced product managers and R&D engineers to analyze customer needs and provide free design drawings to customers for confirmation. For customers with sincerity, we can provide free samples for customers to test and save sample cost. Avoid time and money wasted on unprofessional suppliers.

#3 Original M12 Extension Cable Manufacturer

Some customers are helpless facing the delivery time of several months and the high procurement cost, because the big brands are so strong, customer does not have the active position in the negotiation of price and delivery time, and some customers may purchase from some traders and agents, couldn’t get cost-effective products and good delivery time .Work with SHINE , all of your problems can be solved. China’s well-known M12 adapter cable producer, the product is compatible with Binder, Phoenix, MURR, TURCK, TE , fast delivery, cost-effective.

Purchase Notes For M12 Extension Cables

Some M12 extension cables look the same, but the wiring definitions and functions are different, and even the electrical parameters are different. Knowing the following questions can help you buy M12 adapter cables correctly.

#1 Application

The application will determin which kind of M12 extension cable could be used , is it for industrial ethernet , or fieldbus , or camera system ? What is the protocol ?What’s the working environment ?

#2 Interface

  • Coding type
  • Pin quantity
  • Male or female
  • Straight or right angled 

#3 Wire Definition

The wire definition is very important , for example , A coded M12 8 pin to RJ45 cable , used for different industrial ethernet protocols have different wire definition, while the apperance looks the same

#4 Cable Requirement

  • Cable length
  • Cable jacket material depends on working environment
  • Conductor size
  • Other requirements, such as anti-UV , moving system

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