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The connector M12 5 pin is a specific version of the M12 connector that has five pins, which allows for more electrical connections to be made.

There are several different coding schemes used for M12 5 pin connectors, including A, B, C, K, L, and M code. Each code denotes a specific configuration of the connector, with different codes being used for different types of connections and applications.

For example, the 5 pin A code is commonly used for sensor and actuator connections in the automation industry, while the B code is used for fieldbus and other applications. The C code is used for AC power connections, but has been replaced in some cases by the S code and K code, which can support higher power connections. The L code is used for DC power connections, and the M code is used for 3-phase power connections.

M12 5 pole connectors are available in a variety of different styles, including cable connectors, bulkhead connectors, field wireable connectors, splitter cables, and adapter cables. These different styles allow for a wide range of connectivity options and flexibility in different applications

Molded Connector M12 5 Pin Cable

M12 5 pin cable come in male and female versions. The connectors can be straight or angled, depending on the specific needs of the application. The cables that are used with M12 connectors can be unshielded or shielded, and can be made from a variety of materials such as PUR (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The choice of material and shielding can depend on the specific requirements of the application, such as the environment in which the cable will be used and the level of electrical noise that it will be subjected to.

Molded Male Connector M12 5 Pin A Coded

Field Wireable M12 5 Pin Connector

5 pin M12 field wireable connectors are used to terminate cables in the field, rather than at a factory. They are designed to be easy to use and allow for quick and reliable connections to be made. The connectors have a lock nut that is used to secure the connector to the cable and prevent it from coming loose. The lock nut is available in different sizes, such as PG7 and PG9, to accommodate cables of different diameters.

M12 field wireable connectors are available in straight and right-angled versions. The right-angled version is suitable for use in limited space, as it allows the cable to be connected at a right angle to the connector. However, it is important to pay attention to the pin direction when using a right-angled connector, as the cable will come out in the wrong direction if the connector is not oriented correctly.

Metal A Coded B Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Female Field Wireable Solder Termination
Plastic Field Wireable 90 Degree A Coded Male M12 8 Pin Connector
Metal B Coded A Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Field Wireable Screw Termination
Solder Field Wireable Connector M12 8 Pin Female Metal Shell
Metal 90 Degree B Coded A Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Field Wireable Solder Termination
Metal 90 Degree B Coded A Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Field Wireable Solder Termination
90 Degree Male A Coded B Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Field Wireable Solder Termination
Solder Female Connector M12 8 Pin X Coded Field Wireable Metal Shell
Female K Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Field Wireable
Female K Coded M12 5 Pin Connector Field Wireable

Panel Mount M12 5 Pin Bulkhead Connector

M12 5-pin panel mount connector is commonly used for data or power connection. The PG9 and M16 locking threads can help secure the connector in place and prevent it from rotating when a mating cable is attached. It is also common for M12 connectors to be prewired, meaning that they come with wires already attached and terminated, making it easier to connect them to a circuit board or other components.

Shielding Female M12 5 Pin Bulkhead Connector A Coded B Coded C Coded
Shielding Female M12 5 Pin Bulkhead Connector A Coded B Coded C Coded
Shielding Male M12 5 Pin Bulkhead Connector A Coded C Coded B Coded
Shielding Male M12 5 Pin Bulkhead Connector A Coded C Coded B Coded

M12 5 Pin Splitter

M12 5-pin splitters are available in various configurations, such as T-shaped, Y-shaped, and panel mount. These M12 splitters typically have one male connector and two or more female connectors, allowing you to split a single M12 cable into multiple connections. Some splitters come with a cable attached, and the length of the cable can often be customized to meet the specific needs of the application. It is also possible to find splitters that have more than three connectors, allowing you to split a single M12 connection into even more connections if needed. These splitters can be useful in a variety of industrial control and automation applications where multiple connections are needed.

Other M12 5 Pin Connector

M12 5 pin termination resistor had been used for fieldbus , the default resistance is 180Ω , and can also be customized . The M12 5 pin to DB9 cable could be sued for interbus and CANopen .

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An ideal M12 5 pin connector supplier can not only provide high-quality products, but also fast delivery and a wide range of products are also very important. If the product range is not rich enough, customers need to find multiple suppliers to meet product needs, which in itself It will cause a waste of resources and time, and increase the risk of product problems. Price and quality are contradictory, but they are also the two most important factors. Cost-effective products can enhance the competitiveness of customers’ products and expand sales.

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Various Types

SHINE offer various M12 5 pin connectors such as 5 pin M12 cable , cable assembly 5 pin M12 connectors , M12 5 pin splitters , 5 pin M12 bulkhead connectors , 5 pin M12 fieldbus cables , help you make one station purchase

Customization Service

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Wholesale M12 5 Pin Connectors

Wholesalers are an important part of our 5 pin M12 connector customer, especially for field wireable 5 pin M12 connector and M12 connector 5 pin bulkhead connector which require little customization, to support our end customers and wholesalers , SHINE continue strengthen service quality and product quality to help our customers to expand sales.

#1 5 Pin M12 Connector With Top Quality

No matter how low the price is, customers don’t want to buy poor quality products. Most of our suppliers have cooperation time of more than 5 years to ensure the quality of raw materials and stable delivery time. There are strict production management and incoming material inspection systems, so it is easy to control In the link where problems occur, strict quality inspection ensures that low-quality products do not flow out of the factory.

#2 Free M12 5 Pin Connector Samples

As long as you can accurately state your M12 5 pin connector requirements, product application environment, product usage, project usage and future purchase quantity, we can provide free samples, which can help speed up the project progress and save your time and money.

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We improve service quality from the following aspects. Professional and experienced team can accurately analyze customer needs and propose accurate solutions. Fast response time, respond to customer needs within 3 hours, provide quotations within 3 days, provide customized product drawings within one week. Enthusiastic service, try our best to meet customer needs.

Purchase Notes for M12 5 pin connector

If you do not pay attention to details, or do not understand the requirements and application environment, it is very likely that the purchased goods do not meet the actual needs. Even if the goods can be returned, it will cause a lot of time and money waste.

#1 For 5 Pin M12 Cables

  • Coding type, A coded , B coded , or C coded 
  • Male or female 
  • Straight or 90 degree right angled 
  • Shielded or unshielded  
  • Cable jacket material PVC or PUR ? Will be installed in towline system?
  • Cable length 
  • One end or both end 

#2 For Panel Mount Connector M12 5 Pin Bulkhead

  • Prewired(confirm wire length and wire definition) or not
  • solder type or PCB or SMD type
  • Front mount or back mount
  • Straight or 90 degree right angled

#3 For field wireable connector M12 5 pin

  • Coding type, A code , B code or C code
  • Straight or 90 degree angled
  • Termination method , solder or screw 
  • Shell material , palstic ,metal or stainless steel
  • Male or female

#4 M12 5 pin splitters

  • Splitter type , T type , Y type or panel mount , or need to be customized
  • With cable or not , if with cable , the cable length and material
  • How many M12 interface , male and female interface quantity

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