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Shine Industry specialized in waterproof cable connector compatible with international popular brands around the world.

CAZN is a brand for waterproof connector which is related to shine industry group to providing circular M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 7/8 E7 E10 E13 RJ45 DB HDMI outdoor waterproof cable connector , RF connector , wiring harness , molding in low press and OEM/ODM business, the product can be total compatible with big brands around the worldFor the circular connector ( M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 7/8 etc) series sensor connector , sensor cable connector , controlling cable connector , we always play a positive role in Fieldbus and connected product, also devoted ourselves to provide variety design that can be used in different system to collect signal, and connected to system's product .

cazn factory

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Our product support kinds of Ethernet protocol like PROFINET, EtherNet IP , EtherCAT , Powerlink , CC-link and IE etc, it can be total compatible with internation big brands connector.For the RF Coaxial connector.

we do have about 30 series and 2000 type,the mainly product is SMA SMB SMC MCX SSMA SSMB SSMC BNC TNC and N series that common used around the world , all can be reached IEC169,MIL-C-39012,DIN technical standard.the servo motor product can be well matched with Siemens , Mitsubishi , Fuji and Omron international brands , we can provide all-around product service and technical guidance in machinery area.For the molding in low press production line, our company import the advanced low press injection molding machine from Germany, all the components and parts was import, fuse with our technical developing and management system, we have made this more stable and effective.


Strict Control of Product Quality

Shine Industry effectively controls product quality, shortens production cycle, and do high-standard R&D design for customers to meet product requirements.

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