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China TOP Brand Waterproof Connector Manufacturer

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M12 connector , M8 connector , Machine vision cable , Accelerometer cables , compatible with Phoenix , Binder , Amphenol , Murr...

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Various Machine Vison Cables, M12 X code, HR10, GigE , MicroB...
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These machine vision cables and connectors can be customized, they are compatible with Cognex, Baumer, BASLER and other brands

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Full Sery M12 Connectors
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M12 A B C D X Y S T K L M Code, field wireable , moulded cables, bulkhead connector, PCB SMD THR connector, T and Y type splitter

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Various M8 Connectors
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M8 A B D Coded, field wireable , bulkhead , PCB mount , Y splitter , push-pull connectors, compatible with Phoenix, Amphenol, Binder, Murr...

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Various Accelerometer Cable And Connectors
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4 pin 1/4-28 UNF to 3 BNC cable , 4 pin 8-36 UNF To 3 BNC , 10-32 to BNC cable , MS3106 connectors, compatible with PCB and other brands accelerometers

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Industrial Waterproof Connector

China M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 E7 E10 E13 RJ45 USB DB RF FDDI HDMI Waterproof Connector Producer

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Shine Industry specialized in waterproof cable connector compatible with international brands around the world.

Shine Industry specialized in circular M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 7/8 E7 E10 E13 RJ45 DB HDMI outdoor waterproof cable connector , RF connector , wiring harness , molding in low press and OEM/ODM business, the product can be total compatible with big brands around the worldFor the circular connector ( M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 7/8 etc) series sensor connector.


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IS USB-C Waterproof ?

The USB-C connector is also called the USB Type-C connector. USB-C connector itself is not waterproof, but it can be sealed with a rubber ring to achieve waterproofing . The waterproof USB-C connector can be divided into two types . One is to make the USB-C waterproof when the USB-C...

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