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China M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 E7 E10 E13 RJ45 USB DB RF FDDI HDMI Waterproof Connector Producer

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Shine Industry specialized in waterproof cable connector compatible with Phoenix Amphenol and other big brands around the world.

Shine Industry specialized in circular M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 7/8 E7 E10 E13 RJ45 DB HDMI outdoor waterproof cable connector , RF connector , wiring harness , molding in low press and OEM/ODM business, the product can be total compatible with big brands around the worldFor the circular connector ( M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 7/8 etc) series sensor connector.


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What is M8 connector pinout ?

M8 connectors are waterproof circular connectors with 8 mm locking thread diameter, typically used in industrial automation and control systems. The pinout of an M8 connector refers to the arrangement and function of the individual pins within the connector. The pinout of an M8 connector can vary depending on the...

How To Choose Accelerometer Cable ?

Accelerometers have been used in industrial automation, automobiles, mechanical equipment, aerospace and other fields. Some accelerometer manufacturers do not provide accelerometer cables, and some customers choose non-original accelerometers because of the price. If not obtained by the manufacturer, how to choose a suitable accelerometer cable ? What is accelerometer cable An...

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